IWF World Championships 2019

IWF World Championships 2019

Weightlifting is one of the sports that are widely popular among other countries all over the world. The sport got major attention after its inception at the Olympic Games in 1931. The sport has a large number of presence in Asian countries and some parts of Europe. The governing body for weightlifting is international weightlifting federation and it organizes IWF World Championships 2019 for every two years or sometimes every year. World championships are must for every sport because it allows the best players to compete for the single title which brings so much attention among the audience.

IWF World Championships 2019

IWF World Championships 2019 will also showcase the potential talent which is good for the sport. You can also generate much-needed revenue and hosting countries can attract sports tourists.

History of IWF World Championships

History of IWF World Championships

As mentioned earlier weightlifting world championships were organized by the international weightlifting federation and the inaugural edition was held in March 1991. The athletes all across the world will compete under 20 categories and the events will be held for both men and women. Since it’s the global event and premier event for weightlifting, the international weight lighting community will have a close eye about the event.

International weightlifting federation is affiliated to international Olympic committee hence these events are recognized by IOC.  The international Olympic committee along with the international weightlifting federation will jointly decide the date and venue for the event.  so far 125 world championships were held all over the world.

IWF World Championships 2019 (September 16 – 25)

IWF World Championships 2019

The 126th edition of IWF world championship is scheduled to be held at Pattaya, Thailand between September 16 and 25. Eventually, it is the third time that the event is scheduled to be held in Thailand and Initially it was held in 1997 and 2007.

The success of weightlifting in Rio Olympics 2016 prompted the organizers to conduct the event bigger than the previous ones. As said earlier the event is scheduled to take place under 20 categories. A strong contingent from all across the world is expected to participate in the tournament.

List of Categories

The event will be held in 20 categories for both men and women.

Men’s Categories

  • 55kg
  • 61kg
  • 67kg
  • 73kg
  • 81kg
  • 89kg
  • 96kg
  • 102kg
  • 109kg

Women’s Categories:

The event will be held in the following disciplines for women’s category:

  • 45kg
  • 49kg
  • 55kg
  • 59kg
  • 64kg
  • 71kg
  • 76kg
  • 81kg
  • 87kg

So far Russia, Iran, and Ukraine countries are the most successful nations but in recent times the countries like India, China is also making their mark in the sport.

The world championships are essential for the growth of any sport and it will bring the sport to the limelight and continues to attract the outsiders which are good for the event. Hope the upcoming edition of IWF weightlifting championships will be a grand success and it helps the sport to grow further.

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