It is difficult to stop players from going to the IPL, due to amount of money involved in it: Aaqib Javed

Pakistan only world wining team 1992 player Aaqib Javed is in the news from last few days especially when the former has praised Babar Azam and stressed that Indian skipper Virat Kohli should learn technique from the current Pakistan skipper who is all set to overtake number 1 ranking in ODI format after surpassing Kohli who has been occupying that spot from three years.

He was asked about South African players leaving their series midway and joining the ongoing season of IPL to which he said It is difficult to stop any players from going to the IPL with the amount of money involved in it and no other boards pay that much amount to players in any other league apart from BCCI.

“IPL is very strong as well as India [BCCI] which means that if other boards have to stop their players from going there then they have to pay them a lot of money which is a very difficult thing to do. Players earn around $1.5 million by playing in IPL for one and a half months which is almost double the amount they earn from playing with the national side. Also, South Africa cricket is already struggling due to internal administrative issues,” Javed told during an exclusive interview with Cricket Pakistan.

In the other question during an interview with Cricket Pakistan he was asked about the comparison between Indian and Pakistan speedster Jasprit Bumrah and Shaheen Afridi to which Aquib replied both are good bowlers but Bumrah is good when it comes to death bowling however the workload of Shaheen should be handled carefully.

“[Jasprit] Bumrah is a really good bowler who is good at everything. Right, now he is better than Shaheen [Afridi] in terms of death bowling. Although, with the new ball, Shaheen is ahead of him,” he said.

“It is injustice with Shaheen to make him play every match. Pakistan team should manage his workload carefully. They should not play him when the team has lost the series or adopt a proper rotation policy. Shaheen should only play those matches which are important,” he added