India’s History at Asian Games Sepak Takraw Event

Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw is a growing sport, becoming increasingly prevalent worldwide. The sport has the potential to become a major international sport and will continue to grow in popularity.

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Sepak Takraw has been played at the Asian Games since its inclusion in Beijing in 1990. India has a relatively short history in sepak takraw at the Asian Games. The sport was only introduced as a medal event in 1990, and India only participated in the 2018 Games. 

However, India has significantly impacted the sport in recent years. In 2018, India won its first-ever medal in sepak takraw at the Asian Games, a bronze in the men’s team regu event in August 2018 at Palembang, Indonesia.

Sepak Takraw Participants

Sepak Takraw, a well-loved sport in Southeast Asia, is gaining popularity worldwide, including in Europe and the Americas. In Los Angeles, a growing Sepak Takraw community is introducing the game to the country, and Canada has also witnessed widespread interest in the sport.

Several countries have embraced Sepak Takraw as a well-established favorite or an emerging popular game. These nations include Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, India, Philippines, Brunei, USA, and Pakistan.

Top Countries Dominating the Asian Games Podium

At the Asian Games, several countries achieved remarkable success in Sepak Takraw. The leading team is Thailand, which has clinched an impressive total of 26 gold medals, making it the most prosperous nation in the sport and followed by Myanmar with five medals and Malaysia securing the second position with four gold medals. Indonesia and South Korea have achieved one gold medal each.

What is Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw is a highly demanding sport that requires exceptional skill and athleticism. Participants must exhibit precision and power while kicking, heading, and shouldering the ball. Moreover, they must possess the ability to execute impressive acrobatic moves and display excellent foot-eye coordination. To excel in this sport, players need to train rigorously, mastering swift and precisely timed kicks. Sepak Takraw, sometimes referred to as foot volleyball, strictly restricts ball handling to the feet, knees, chest, and head, closely resembling volleyball rules.