History of Sepak Takraw in Asian Games

Sepak Takraw

Kick Volleyball, or Sepak Takraw, is a popular Southeast Asian game. In this game, players use their chest, feet, head, and knees to handle and control the ball. The term “Sepak” originates from the Malay language, meaning “kick,” while “Takraw” refers to the woven rattan ball used in the sport. The game shares similarities with other sports like Footbag Net, Footvolley, Football, Jianzi, and Sipa.

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This lovely sport is popular throughout Southeast Asia and has many rules and game sets with volleyball. We will explain the history of Sepak Takraw in the Asian Games.

History of Sepak Takraw

Sepak takraw has a long and rich history, dating back to the 15th century. The earliest known form of the sport was Sepak Raga, played in the Malay Peninsula. Sepak raga was a simple game with only a few basic rules. Players would kick the ball back and forth over a rope, and the first team to let the ball touch the ground would lose.

In 1988, the Asian Sepak Takraw Federation (ASTAF) was formed. ASTAF was responsible for standardizing the rules of Sepak Takraw and promoting the sport throughout Asia. Over time, Sepak Raga evolved into the more complex sport of Sepak Takraw, and ASTAF developed new rules and techniques. Sepak Takraw became increasingly popular in Southeast Asia, and many countries considered this game a national sport in several countries.

Sepak Takraw debuted in the Asian Games during the 1990 event hosted in Beijing, China, and has remained a part of the competition ever since. Thailand has emerged as the most accomplished nation in this sport at the Asian Games. This was significant for ASTAF, and it helped to raise the profile of Sepak Takraw worldwide. Since then, Sepak Takraw has been a regular feature of the Asian Games and has become one of the most popular sports in the region.

Sepak Takraw Rules

Sepak takraw is a physically demanding sport requiring a high level of skill and athleticism. Players need to be able to kick, head, and shoulder the ball with great accuracy and power. They also need to be able to jump high and perform acrobatic moves. Players must possess exceptional foot-eye coordination, adept acrobatic skills, and peak physical fitness to excel.

To master the game, players must train diligently to execute swift and well-timed kicks with precision and speed. Sepak Takraw, often called foot volleyball, involves handling the ball solely with the feet, knees, chest, and head. The game’s rules closely mirror those of volleyball.