India’s Approach to Chasing Targets in the Asia Cup

India Approach to Chasing Targets in Asia Cup

India’s approach to chasing the targets in the Asia Cup has always been aggressive. And in all those aggressive chases, kind Virat Kohli has been an important factor. Also, at the same time, a good start by Rohit Sharma has been an important factor too.

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Success Factors for India in chasing targets

There have been several success factors for India in chasing the targets. Either it was the previous generation or the generation later on. Batting has always been the strength of the Indian Cricket team.

Good start by the opening pair

The Indian team has been blessed with a good opening pair. In the previous generation, it was Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar who used to make sure that the team got a good start. They went on to become the most successful opening pair of all time in ODIs. That is still a record. Now Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul ensure to provide a good start to the team. With this approach, India conquers half of the game.

Stability by the middle order

Middle order always ensures that stability is maintained in case the opening partnership doesn’t work. That is where the likes of Dravid, Suresh Raina, and other middle-order batsmen for India used to protect the team.


No matter how good the start was, the reason India wins an ODI match is certainly due to a good finish. The saviors of the match have always been players like Yuvraj Singh, Mohammad Kaif, and MS Dhoni. These are the players who have made India win almost half of the matches while chasing.

So now you know the approach of the Indian team in chasing the target in the limited-overs.
Let’s hope that all these factors are going to work in their favor in the Asia Cup. Then they’ll be
able to chase any score without any issues.