”Indian Women’s Cricket team needs a absolute Danda” said Former Cricketer Diana Edulji

''Indian Women's Cricket team needs a absolute Danda'' said Former Cricketer Diana Edulji

Fans and even former cricket players have praised India-W’s performance so far, despite the team losing the T20 World Cup semifinal match. But on other hand, Team India’s performance in the semifinal and overall has drawn harsh criticism from former skipper Diana Edulji.

While criticizing Edulji made a comparison between the India u-19-w world cup team and the senior team, claiming that the u-19 team was significantly much better than the older team in every regard. Edulji, a member of the Supreme Court-appointed Commission that oversaw the BCCI for 33 months, was horrified by India’s fielding performance in Thursday’s T20 World Cup quarterfinal in Cape Town.

She questioned the players’ fitness while addressing this and pointed out that the Indian team’s fielding and running between the wickets were both weak points throughout the entire game. Harmanpreet was also run out, due to her careless racing between the wickets and her run out proved to be the game’s turning point. With this Edulji criticised the current team’s level of fitness.

In the future, Edulji wants the BCCI to hire support staff members permanently for the women’s team rather than hiring people on a need-basis from the NCA.

While saying more on this Edulji suggested the Indian players to firstly focus on their fitness and she blasted out by saying that to succeed, they require absolute danda to reach the top. The BCCI is providing you with everything you need, including equitable play. So you should also improvise your game.

She added that if the “yo yo” test becomes compulsory in women’s cricket, the majority of them will struggle.