Indian Players Shine Bright in Asian Games 2023 Chess Event

Asian Games, Chess

The Asian Games 2023 showcased the indomitable spirit and prowess of Indian chess players, with standout performances from both men and women. India’s chess stars, Koneru Humpy, Dronavalli Harika, Vidit Santosh, and Arjun Kumar performed well, during the fourth round of the women’s and men’s individual chess competitions at the Asian Games 2023, held in Hangzhou.

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Asian Games Women’s Chess: Koneru Humpy and Dronavalli Harika

In the women’s round of four, Indian chess sensation Koneru Humpy faced off against the formidable Yifan Hou from China. The encounter was intense, but Humpy ultimately succumbed to the strength of her opponent, resulting in a 1-0 loss. On the other hand, Dronavalli Harika, another stalwart of Indian chess, played an enthralling 0.5-0.5 tie against Uzbekistan’s Nilufar Yakubbaeva.

Men’s Chess: Vidit Santosh and Arjun Kumar

Turning attention to the men’s division, Vidit Santosh displayed his mettle by securing a crucial 1-0 win against Vietnam’s Tuan Minh Le. In parallel, Arjun Kumar engaged in a fierce battle against Iran’s Seyedmohammadamin Tabatabaei, resulting in a hard-fought 0.5-0.5 tie.

Initial Rounds: Setting the Tone

In the opening rounds of the individual chess competition, Vidit and Arjun showcased their dominance by clinching impressive wins. Their victories provided a strong foundation for India’s performance in the tournament. Meanwhile, in the women’s individual chess category, both Humpy and Harika asserted their superiority with convincing wins.

The Second Round Challenges

As the competition intensified, the second round presented a fresh set of challenges. Vidit Santosh faced a formidable opponent in Kazakhstan’s Kazybelk Nogerbek and unfortunately fell short, resulting in a loss. Arjun Kumar, on the other hand, displayed his resilience by securing a 0.5-0.5 tie against Vietnam’s Tuan Minh Le. In the women’s category, Humpy and Harika continued their impressive form, securing victories and consolidating their positions as formidable contenders.

Triumph in the Third Round

In the third round of the women’s event, Harika faced off against the highly regarded Chinese player, Hou Yifan. Simultaneously, Humpy engaged in a thrilling battle with China’s Zhu Jiner, resulting in another tie. In the men’s division, both Arjun and Vidit showcased their skills and determination, clinching victories and contributing significantly to India’s performance at the Asian Games 2023.

The Indian Chess Squad for Asian Games 2023

India’s representation at the Asian Games 2023 Chess event comprises a talented and diverse squad:



  • Koneru Humpy
  • D. Harika
  • R Vaishali
  • Vantika Aggarwal
  • Savitha Shri

India’s Overall Performance

Aside from chess, India excelled in various other sporting events at the Asian Games 2023. Shooters and rowers delivered stellar performances, contributing five medals to India’s tally. The Indian women’s cricket team also secured a gold medal, marking a historic achievement in the field of women’s cricket.

As of now, India’s medal count stands at an impressive 11, including 2 gold, 3 silver, and 6 bronze medals.