Indian Cricket Team likes “Work from home”

Indian Cricket Team “Predator at Home, Prey Overseas”

Virat Kohli in England

And India again lost the test match at Lords giving spark to the old debate “Predator at home, prey overseas” highlighting their poor overseas record. The team is already wearing shining white dress, then why are the opponents whitewashing us. We don’t need it. The last time Indian Cricket team won a test at Lords was way back in 2014 and turning a few pages further, 1986 was the only season when we won at Lords.

Different team, different years, but same result, reminds me of the old phrase, which I regularly used during school assemblies “History repeat itself”. Whom to blame, team players, supporting staff, selection committee or the pitch? Why play the blame game? It seems like every time BCCI set up a new startup comprising of fresher’s and competes with top multinationals, tossing their luck. Minimum investment, but expects maximum results.

The statistics suggest Indian team players aren’t early adapters. They live in a cocoon and perform on their own terms and conditions. They lack accountability and responsibility towards the team, otherwise, they are no chance why we couldn’t adapt to English seaming situations. We are test number 1 team only on papers.

In corporate slang, we call it “work from home”. No restrictions, no boundaries, only complete the project within the deadline. No performance analysis. BCCI looks more like an enterprise than sports organization, they have wisely invested in infrastructure like more stands to bring in more crowd, lush green outfield and players salary hike slab, but they missed the key.

It is the players, who win you matches. The quality of the players is deteriorating every day, we lack players with sound technique, nonperishable temperament, and awareness about the game position. T20 and one-day matches are the revenue generating sheep for the cricket boards. They are the crowd pullers, towering sixes, tumbling wickets and lightening fielding with a flavor of glamour is the public demand.

Hectic Lifestyle doesn’t Sync with Test Cricket.

In a few months, everyone will forget the slump performance of Indian team in England. Asia Cup is round the corner, a few ODI wins under belt will melt Indian crowd mood. After all, the Indian cricket team is a team of 11 Gods.

Indian Cricket Team in England

Test cricket is not a BCCI top priority, a test win is a bonus. Elite cricketers retire from test cricket to prolong their IPL career. A few days back, Sunil Gavaskar gave an interview clearly indicating the non-professional attitude of Indian cricketers and their non-willingness to work on their poor technique. The anguish and pain were evident in his eyes, only Ajikya Rahane spends some time with the batting genius.

No practice match was played between the Edgbaston test and the Lord’s test. Players need rest to recharge their batteries. Some players are always in and out, which is always a bad sign. It is neither helping the team not the player’s confidence. Why called them reserve players, they are our freelancer cricketers, who are just a replacement for the key player.

Virat Kohli has been the only top performer for years in both domestic and overseas conditions and is fighting a lone battle with the opposition. If you look closely, it looks more a game of chess than cricket. The opposition’s queen, rook, bishop and few pawns are still alive. On the other hand, we are left only with a misplaced queen and few pawns, putting our King’s life at stake.

India still Hope for Kohli Magic Against England in next 3 Matches

Three test matches are still left. From here on, India only has the opportunity to level the series. Mighty Englishmen have tasted the blood and will go for the kill in the next test match. The Indian think tank has a lot of work in hand. They had to gather 11 scattered men into a team, in fact, a lethal juggernaut ready to demolish the opposition.

Sachin Tendulkar was available at Lords to ring the Lord’s bell. The team management could have insisted the batting maestro spend some time with the team and helping them in fixing the technique loopholes.

Indian Cricket Team

Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman, all have excellent batting records in England. The current players should share their problem with them and come out with a solution. The nation still invests its faith in these eleven boys. This could be the team to win two test matches in English soil levelling the series.

Virat Kohli should take a leaf out of Sachin Tendulkar’s book and learn not to set same expectations and performance from every player. Every player is unique, possess own strengths, flaws, and potential scale. There is only one Virat Kohli, others shouldn’t try to imitate him. The Indian team was never short of talent, they lack discipline, willpower and hunger to win.

India has only won the test series twice in England, this season is no different. Defeat doesn’t haunt the Indians. It is the lethargic attitude and sloppy body language that haunts the emotional Indian masses.

We have achieved the feat in the past and who knows we might win the next three tests and clinch the series, slapping the towering ego of Englishmen. Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. It has happened in the past in 2002, India was down and out after the Lords tests, but came out with all guns blazing and winning the test at Leeds, eventually levelling the series.

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Past is full of ashes and the future is full of flashes. Bury the past and fight for the country pride, the entire nation is behind you.

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