India vs. Australia WTC final: Test match preparations

test match

There is no doubt about the fact that half of the match is won at the time of the preparation. On the field, you only go and deliver the result of your preparation. For a test match that is happening overseas, it is necessary to ensure that you, a team are familiar with the conditions of that ground. It can only happen when they play a lot of practice matches in that country. So, for the purpose of  Test match preparations it is for both India and Australia to reach the UK and play some practice matches there to get used to the conditions.

 What can we learn from the previous encounters of India vs Australia?

 It is always important to look at the past success of the teams, so that the same strategy can be applied, in the present for a good performance.

Things to learn from the preparation of the Golden Era

In 2003, the reason India was able to dominate the whole series was that they played a lot of practice matches in India. India reached Australia several weeks before it was planned initially. So that they can get used to the conditions.

Don’t miss out on your key bowlers.

 For the 2003 tour of Australia, the Indian selector wanted to drop Anil Kumble because, as per them, he was not able to take the wickets in the overseas conditions. However, captain Ganguly had full faith in the skills and experience of the Anil Kumble. Later on, Anil was selected, and he went on to become the highest wicket-taker of that series.

 Experienced batting order

 In the golden era, the middle order of the Indian cricket team was very strong. The likes of Sachin, Rahul, Sourav, and Laxman were certainly the best batting lineup of that time. This is certainly a big takeaway from the successful tour of Australia in 2003.

 Captains knock

 The century of 144 runs by Sourav Ganguly in the first innings of the first match inspired others to score well. In the same manner, there will be a big responsibility on Rohit Sharma to score runs so that the rest of the team will follow the momentum.

Once the Indian or Australian team is able to execute the above-given plan for the Test match preparations. Then that team will be able to win the series without any trouble. So, lets hope that your favorite team stick to the basic plan that is given above.