India and Pakistan Rivalry in Cricket – Two Sides of a Single Coin

India and Pakistan Rivalry in cricket

The rivalry between India and Pakistan is the most discussed in India and also so it is the most intense rivalry of the world. India and Pakistan both have a common cricket Heritage but since the the communal violence related issues their rivalry had been reached to a different level and because of that the cricketing relation also gets affected. the rivalry between India and Pakistan was so intense that it lead to 1947 partition and also the cricket Heritage was a part of this rivalry because of which whenever a tournament for a match is held between them the level of intensity and violence is also so very acute in nature.

They both have some extraordinary players in their cricket team and their place so well that including their rivalry people stay keen to see their skills and gameplay. The matches between them riches to a different level whenever it comes to the the serious one. Show the rivalry between these two countries is clearly visible on the cricket ground and also for the people tell who come to support any of the team indulge in so many serious issues with each other on ground.

Some Facts about this Indo-Pak Rivalry in Cricket

The first ever match played between India and Pakistan was in 1951 and at that time Pakistan came to a tour in India. And in case of India, they took a tour to Pakistan in 1954 when they played cricket matches between each other. Then in 1962 to 1977 there was a pause in the cricketing relationship between India and Pakistan because of the major were between these two countries in 1965 and 1971. And also the Kargil war 1999 also affected this to a certain extent.

The terrorist attack in 2008 it was also the reason of and interaction between the sports relation between India and Pakistan. The matches between India and Pakistan is so popular that in 2015 world cup held in Australia there was a match between India and Pakistan and the tickets of it where sold out in just 11 minutes. And this craziness leads to the extreme pressure on the players of both sides and they get scared about the consequences if they they become defeated.

This is the actual intensity of India Pakistan rivalry. So many instances of violence and extreme outburst of defeat has been seen in the different tournaments like ICC Champions Trophy and World Cup also in case of India and Pakistan matches. There was a cry between two countries to form a cricket diplomacy between them to improve the relation between them but it was failed because of some safety reasons and Indian government decided to make a rule that India cannot go to Pakistan to play Because of these safety reasons. After 2008 India totally refuse to play against Pakistan anywhere.

Pakistan try to to deliver the situation by offering to play play outside both on the country and decide a neutral place but that was also rejected by India. But they they have to play play against each other when it comes to some ICC event and and ICC don’t support this boycott. India and Pakistan matches are so much of hype that it is the most watched television event in India as well as Pakistan. The semi final match of 2011 world cup who was watched by 135 million people only in India. the opening match between India and Pakistan in 2015 world cup hat the rating of 14. 8% in TV and the live telecast was seen by 28 million people. All total India and Pakistan rivalry brought almost 1 billion people to watch it.

It’s History

India vs Pak

The main reason of this rivalry between India and Pakistan is the partition in 1947 which was enough to deteriorate the relationship up between these two countries after that. And this conflict was resulted into the death of millions of people of Hindu, Muslim and Sikh religion. The partition made almost 10 million people to migrate from one country to another because of their religion and community. Then when the sports relation between the two countries was damaged and the most affected sport was cricket.

At first the players of India and Pakistan used to play together in a single team as they were the part of just one country but at right after the Independence yes they started playing against each other from different countries. After the partition, Pakistan became the member of the the Cricket Council in 1948 and after that their first ever test match was against India among which they were defeated in the first match in Delhi but again won the second match in Lucknow which led Indian players to an issue of education among the the public because of the defeat.

Then India manage to win the test series by winning the third test in Bombay. When India went on a tour to Pakistan in 1955 to play a series, lot of Indians were granted visas to go Lahore to witness the match by themselves. Then again because of war between India and Pakistan in 1965 and 1971 when all the matches where withheld because of this till 1977. Again they played against each other in 1978. Throughout the career India and Pakistan alternately known the tournaments and challenged each other in a very impressive way by only the cricketing issues and not personal.

The rivalry between India and Pakistan is really age-old with respect to the other rivalries in the history of world. And this rivalry is also there on the the cricketing field. the people also become excited whenever they think are here about India and Pakistan matches and start at the booking tickets and planning accordingly to witness such a big Derby match. because of so many issues one after another the rivalry only increased and never fade away. And this is somehow a big negative point for both of the country, India and Pakistan and also their citizens.

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