Importance of home ground advantage in the Cricket World Cup

Importance of home ground advantage in the Cricket World Cup

In every sport, there is the benefit of playing on the home ground. However, in cricket, it has the biggest advantage. The host always has more chances to win the match because they are
aware of the home conditions. At the same time, in the case of the World Cup, it also puts
pressure on the home team due to the pressure of winning in the home conditions.

Benefits of playing in the home ground in the World Cup:

Not only one but there are several benefits of playing on home ground. You can see all of those below. These benefits always provide an edge to the host team. However, in the end, it is certainly their hard work and talent due to which they won the world cup, And not only the home advantage. You can see all the benefits a home team gets in the cricket world cup.

Friendly pitch

There is no doubt about the fact that every home team ensures that the pitch is prepared as per their needs. This certainly helps the batsmen and bowlers to play their natural game without worrying about adapting to the conditions. For visiting teams, this acts as a disadvantage because they take some time to adjust to the conditions; meanwhile, at times, they lose their wickets. For example, English batsmen cannot adjust to India’s dry and hard pitch, which is made in favor of spinners.

Weather conditions

It is usually in the subcontinent we see the benefit of weather conditions. That is because Indian players can adjust to the cold weather conditions of England, but English or Australian players find it hard to adjust to the heat of India. So, this advantage is certainly only for the team from the subcontinent.

Green track for swing bowlers

We see this advantage usually in England and Australia. Their green tracks are made for a
better pace and bounce. This makes it difficult for the batsmen from the subcontinent to play
their natural game. That makes them spend more time adapting to the conditions, and in that
process, at times, they even lose early wickets.

So, now you know the benefits a home team will get to win the World Cup. But there are always two sides of every coin. This also puts a lot of pressure on them to win at home. So, what do you think? Is it the pressure that will win or the home advantage?