ICC World Cup 2023: After 36 years India is going to play on Diwali

ICC World Cup

The ICC World Cup 2023 which is going to be initiated from 5th October 2023, is set to start, as it has been rescheduled. After 36 years India has been scheduled to play on the Diwali festival. They have been rescheduled, and now India is going to play against the Netherlands.

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This One Day World Cup is going to start with several festivals. The first one is going to be Navratri, after that Kali Puja, Dussehra and then Diwali, all are going to be covered in the World Cup schedule. That means viewers will not be missing out on any matches on those occasions. At the same time, India is going to be under pressure to win those matches, because that one win can bring a smile on the faces of millions. 

Change in schedule 

Previously India was going to play against the Netherlands, on the 11th of November, but now their match has been rescheduled for the date, the 12th of November. That is when the Diwali festival is going to be celebrated. 

What happened 36 years back on Diwali? 

36 years back on Diwali, India played against Australia. That happened in the World Cup 1987, That match was played on 22nd October, and India managed to win this match by 56 runs. Usually, India’s Cricket matches are not kept on festivals, especially the World Cup matches. 

How many matches have been rescheduled? 

In total 9 matches have been rescheduled. Out of those 9, 3 are from Pakistan. Now Pakistan is going to play against India on the 14th of October, against Sri Lanka on the 10th of October, and against England on the 11th of November. 

It looks like the pressure on the India team has doubled. That is because they are playing in their home, and at the same time several matches are going to be played on the festivals or close to the festivals. That is certainly going to put pressure on them. However, the people of India are certainly expecting India to win this World Cup, as they won in 2011.