World Cup 1987 Match Results

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World Cup 1987 Timeline Match by Match Results


World Cup 1987: The 1987 world cup was the first one which has been held outside England and India and Pakistan came over as the new host under its new name “Reliance Cup”. Also, it was the first time ever that the tournament has been played in October to November period instead of the earlier “June till July” Slot and the number of over has also been decreased down to 50 over.


Team 1Team 2WinnerMarginGroundMatch Date
PakistanSri LankaPakistan15 runsHyderabad (Sind)Oct 8, 1987
IndiaAustraliaAustralia1 runChennaiOct 9, 1987
EnglandWest IndiesEngland2 wicketsGujranwalaOct 9, 1987
New ZealandZimbabweNew Zealand3 runsHyderabad (Deccan)Oct 10, 1987
PakistanEnglandPakistan18 runsRawalpindiOct 12-13, 1987
AustraliaZimbabweAustralia96 runsChennaiOct 13, 1987
Sri LankaWest IndiesWest Indies191 runsKarachiOct 13, 1987
IndiaNew ZealandIndia16 runsBengaluruOct 14, 1987
PakistanWest IndiesPakistan1 wicketLahoreOct 16, 1987
IndiaZimbabweIndia8 wicketsMumbaiOct 17, 1987
EnglandSri LankaEngland108 runsPeshawarOct 17, 1987
AustraliaNew ZealandAustralia3 runsIndoreOct 18-19, 1987
PakistanEnglandPakistan7 wicketsKarachiOct 20, 1987
Sri LankaWest IndiesWest Indies25 runsKanpurOct 21, 1987
IndiaAustraliaIndia56 runsDelhiOct 22, 1987
New ZealandZimbabweNew Zealand4 wicketsKolkataOct 23, 1987
PakistanSri LankaPakistan113 runsFaisalabadOct 25, 1987
EnglandWest IndiesEngland34 runsJaipurOct 26, 1987
IndiaZimbabweIndia7 wicketsAhmedabadOct 26, 1987
AustraliaNew ZealandAustralia17 runsChandigarhOct 27, 1987
AustraliaZimbabweAustralia70 runsCuttackOct 30, 1987
EnglandSri LankaEngland8 wicketsPuneOct 30, 1987
PakistanWest IndiesWest Indies28 runsKarachiOct 30, 1987
IndiaNew ZealandIndia9 wicketsNagpurOct 31, 1987
PakistanAustraliaAustralia18 runsLahoreNov 4, 1987
IndiaEnglandEngland35 runsMumbaiNov 5, 1987
AustraliaEnglandAustralia7 runsKolkataNov 8, 1987


1st match: Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka (Oct 8, 1987)

The first match of the tournament has been held between the teams of Sri Lanka and Pakistan at Hyderabad(Sindh) and it’s the latter which won the match by a close margin of 15 runs.

Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka

2nd match: India vs Australia (Oct 9, 1987)

This was probably one of the most closely contested matches of the world cup history where the host Indian team was defeated by the Australian team by just 1 run in a match held at Chennai.

3rd match: England vs West Indies (Oct 9, 1987)

The match was been held at Gujranwala between two of the biggest teams in the history of the world cup and the English side secured a narrow victory by just 2 wickets upon their Caribbean rivals.

4th match: New Zealand vs Zimbabwe (Oct 10, 1987)

The 4th match of the tournament was played between New Zealand and the minnows Zimbabwe and the Kiwis defeated their rivals by just 3 runs in a match held at Hyderabad.

5th match: Pakistan and England (Oct 12-13, 1987)

This was the match where host Pakistan was up against their English counterparts at Rawalpindi and the Pakistani team easily beat the England team by 18 runs in the process.

Pakistan and England

6th match: Australia vs Zimbabwe (Oct 13, 1987)

The next match was been held between the teams of Australia and Zimbabwe at Chennai and the Aussie team easily knocked down their rivals by a big margin of 96 runs.

7th match: Sri Lanka vs West Indies (Oct 13, 1987)

The 7th match of the tournament got played between Sri Lanka and West Indies in Karachi and the Windies team didn’t face too much difficulty whilst defeating their Asian rivals by 191 runs.

8th match: India vs New Zealand (Oct 14, 1987)

Host India then got to play against the Kiwis in a nail biter at Bangalore and the Indian team came good on the Kiwis after lots of twists and turns in a 16 runs victory.

9th match: Pakistan vs West Indies (Oct 16, 1987)

 Pakistan vs England

This world cup looked like the most exciting one as it indulged a number of close finishes in the process. This match including Pakistan and West Indies was just another one in the list at Lahore as Pakistan outclassed the West Indian team by just 1 wicket.

10th match: India vs Zimbabwe (Oct 17, 1987)

The defending champion Indian team was on a role as they once again thumped their Zimbabwean rivals by 8 wickets in a match held at Mumbai.

India vs Zimbabwe
11th match: England vs Sri Lanka (Oct 17, 1987)

England faced the Sri Lankan team in the 11th match of the World cup 1987 at Peshawar and they didn’t find it tough to beat down their Asian rivals by 108 runs.

12th match: Australia vs New Zealand (Oct 18-19, 1987)

This was another nail-biting contest in the big list of already exciting world cup 1987 where the Aussies team overcame their neighbors Kiwi team by just 3 runs at a match played in Indore.

Australia vs New Zealand
13th match:
 Pakistan vs England (Oct 20, 1987)

This was the match played between Pakistan and England at Karachi and the Pakistani team won quite convincingly by 7 wickets and strengthened their hopes of entering into the semifinals of the tournament.

14th match: Sri Lanka vs West Indies (Oct 21, 1987)

Sri Lanka was up against the West Indies team at the famous Green Park stadium of Kanpur and it’s the Caribbean team which emerged out as winners of the match by 25 runs.

Sri Lanka vs West Indies
15th match: India vs Australia (Oct 22, 1987)

The Indian team was having a  great time in this world cup and they kept on their brilliant run as they once again defeated their Australian counterparts by 56 runs at the Ferozshah Kotla stadium in Delhi.

16th match: New Zealand vs Zimbabwe (Oct 23, 1987)

New Zealand met the Zimbabwe team in the 16th match of the world cup 1987 and they once again proved their dominance on the rivals by 4 wickets at a match held in Kolkata.

new Zealand vs Zimbabwe World Cup 1987
17th match: Pakistan vs Sri Lanka (Oct 25, 1987)

Two of the topmost Asian teams were up against each other in the 17th match of the world cup 1987 and even this time around, the Pakistani team came on top with an easy victory by 113 runs at Faisalabad.

18th match: England vs West Indies (Oct 26, 1987)

England faced the West Indies team in a crucial match at the Jaipur and they won the match quite impressively by a margin of 34 runs in the process.

19th match: India vs Zimbabwe (Oct 26, 1987)

India was almost looking certain to book a berth at the semis of the world cup 1987 and they ensured the same whilst winning this crucial match against Zimbabwe by 7 wickets at Ahmadabad.

20th match: Australia vs New Zealand (Oct 27, 1987)

Australia once again faced their Trans Tasman neighbors in a crucial tie and they won the match after a close contest at Chandigarh by just 17 runs.

21st match: Australia vs Zimbabwe (Oct 30, 1987)

Australia vs Zimbabwe World Cup 1987

Australian team played their consecutive game against the team of Zimbabwe at Cuttack and they won this one as well by a margin of 70 runs in the process.

22nd match: England vs Sri Lanka (Oct 30, 1987)

England and Sri Lanka met each other in a crucial match which was supposed to play a big role in ascertaining the teams for the semi-final race. Eventually, the English team emerged out as victorious again their Asian rivals by 8 wickets in Pune.

23rd match: Pakistan vs West Indies (Oct 30, 1987)

Pakistan was up against the West Indian team in an important match at Karachi but they couldn’t avoid the defeat by 28 runs at their own backyard.

24th match: India vs New Zealand (Oct 31, 1987)

india vs australia World Cup 1987

Indian team marched on to the semifinals of the tournament by securing an easy victory by 9 wickets against the Kiwis at the Nagpur stadium.

1st semifinal: Pakistan vs. Australia (Nov 4, 1987)

Everyone was expecting the Pakistani team to secure a victory in the semis at their own backyard for the very first time but it’s the Aussies which turned out to be the winner in the end by 18 runs at Lahore.

2nd semifinal: India vs England (Nov 5, 1987)

Just like the Pakistani team, the Indian team was also expected to bring up something special being a defending champion but they couldn’t get a better off their rivals Englishmen whilst losing the game by 35 runs at Mumbai.

The final: Australia vs England (Nov 8, 1987):

Just like the rest of the matches, the final match of the world cup also turned out to be a stunner. Australia won the match by 7 runs and lifted the world cup for the very first time before getting a tough fight from the English team.

India vs Australia World Cup 1987

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