ICC T20 World Cup 2024: Full Super 8 Qualification Scenario Explained

T20 World Cup 2024, T20 World Cup 2024 Super 8

The ICC T20 World Cup 2024 is underway and nearing to enter the next round – Super 8. With exciting matches and surprising upsets, the focus is now shifting towards which teams will make it to the Super 8 stage. 

Group A

  • India: They are in a strong position with 2 wins and a high net run rate. A win against either USA or Canada should almost certainly secure their spot. India has 4 points and a NRR of 1.455.
  • United States: The surprise package of the tournament, they’ve won both their matches. Winning either of their remaining games (India or Ireland) should be enough for them to enter the Super 8. They have 4 points and a NRR of 0.626.
  • Canada: They need victories against both Pakistan and India to stay in contention. Beating Pakistan is crucial. Canada has 0 points and a NRR of -0.274.
  • Pakistan: They need to win both remaining matches against Canada and Ireland and improve their net run rate significantly. Additionally, they require either India or USA to lose a game. They have lost their both matches and have 0 points with a NRR of -0.150.
  • Ireland: Ireland’s situation is challenging. They need wins against both USA and Pakistan and favorable outcomes in other matches, which seems unlikely given their 0 points and NRR of -1.712.

Group B

  • Scotland: They are currently on top with a fantastic net run rate of 2.164. A win against Australia will confirm their progression. They have 5 points under their belt.
  • Australia: Another win, particularly against Scotland, would almost certainly secure their spot in the next round. The Aussies have 4 points and a NRR of 1.875.
  • Namibia: They need to win their remaining matches against both Australia and England, which are difficult tasks. They have 2 points and a NRR of -0.309.
  • England: England needs to win both their remaining games against Oman and Namibia and hope for favorable outcomes in other matches, particularly the crucial Scotland-Australia clash. They have 1 point under their belt and a NRR of -1.800.
  • Oman: They have been eliminated to qualify for the Super 8. However, Oman has shown a competitive spirit and will look to gain experience.They have 0 points and a NRR of -1.613.

Group C

  • Afghanistan: One more win against either Papua New Guinea or West Indies will secure their spot. Their high net run rate of 5.225 gives them a significant advantage. They have 4 points under their belt.
  • West Indies: The hosts need a victory against either New Zealand or Afghanistan to progress. They also have 4 points and a healthy net run rate of 3.574.
  • Uganda: Uganda requires a massive win against New Zealand along with favorable results in other matches to even have a slight chance. They have 2 points and a NRR of -4.217.
  • Papua New Guinea: PNG’s focus might shift towards gaining experience and potentially causing an upset. PNG is unlikely to advance further as they have 0 points and a NRR of -0.434.
  • New Zealand: The Kiwis are in a precarious situation. They need to win all their remaining matches against West Indies, Uganda, and Papua New Guinea. They have 0 points and a NRR of -4.200.

Group D

  • South Africa: South Africa is in a dominant position with 6 points and are close to securing their Super Eight spot. They have a net run rate of 0.603.
  • Bangladesh: A win against the Netherlands is crucial for them. Winning against Nepal could also secure their progression, but their net run rate needs improvement. They have a NRR of 0.075 and 2 points under their name.
  • Netherlands: The Dutch need victories against both Bangladesh and Nepal to advance. They have a decent chance with a balanced team. They have 2 points with a NRR of 0.024.
  • Nepal: Nepal needs to win all their remaining matches to have a sliver of hope, which is a difficult task considering their current form. They have 0 points and a NRR of -0.539
  • Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka needs massive wins against Nepal and the Netherlands, along with favorable results in other matches, in order to qualify. Lankans have 0 points and a NRR of -0.777. 

In the ongoing T20 World Cup 2024, all teams are fighting to get a spot in the Super 8 round. Teams like South Africa and India are in a commanding position. Other teams like Afghanistan and the USA have also made a name for themselves by doing a major upset. Considering the current scenario, heavyweight teams like Pakistan and England face a tough task to enter the next round, one thing is for sure the upcoming matches in the T20 World Cup 2024 are going to be exciting battles.