ICC salutes 2007 T20 World Cup Star Joginder Sharma for his role in fighting COVID-19

The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Saturday took to their Twitter account to appreciate the 2007 T20 World Cup hero Joginder Sharma for his efforts in combating the Coronavirus. 

Joginder Sharma who is known for his memorable last over spell in the finals of the 2007 World Cup against Pakistan, helping the Indian team lift the World Cup, is now a Police in the Haryana Police. He is now on the streets doing his job by keeping the people in their homes during this lockdown due to the pandemic. 

ICC saluted Joginder Sharma’s efforts as they posted a tweet saying, “2007: #T20WorldCup hero. 2020: Real-world hero. In his post-cricket career as a policeman, India’s Joginder Sharma is among those doing their bit amid a global health crisis,”

Joginder who joined the Police Force as a DSP after the 2007 T20 World Cup is currently posted in Hisar as he is on the streets, helping in enforcing the lockdown announced by the Indian government for 21 days.

“I have been a DSP since 2007. This is one of a kind challenge for me as a police officer because of the general fear and I can tell you that I have seen quite a few challenges in my years of service,” Joginder Sharma said. 

The 36-year-old is currently allotted in doing the patrolling and making people aware of the coronavirus and helping the others in getting the essential needs and medicines as he also posted on his twitter account:

“Our duty time starts around 6 am and we do patroling, making people aware, send those who are out for fun to their homes, help those in need of essentials or medical aid and take action against those who try to defy without any good reason,” Sharma said giving a rundown of his daily life.