How to Play Wushu: Rules and Regulation


Wushu, also known as Chinese Kung Fu, is a traditional Chinese martial art that has gained popularity worldwide. Wushu was formed in 1949 to establish a uniform approach towards traditional Chinese martial arts

“Wushu” is the Chinese expression for “martial arts” (武 “Wu” = fighting or martial, 術 “Shu” = art). Wushu has gained global recognition as a sport, overseen by the International Wushu Federation (IWUF), organizing the World Wushu Championships biennially. 

Wushu is a featured event at the Asian Games, East Asian Youth Games, Southeast Asian Games, World Combat Games, and several other multi-sport gatherings. You should know some rules and regulations and how to play Wushu.

Wushu Basic Rules & Regulations

Wushu consists of various rules & regulations, such as kicks, punches, jumps, throws, and sweeps. It is essential to master the basic techniques before moving on to the advanced ones. Wushu requires minimal equipment, such as a uniform, shoes, and protective gear. 

The uniform is typically made of lightweight and breathable fabric for easy movement. Shoes are also lightweight and flexible to allow for quick actions. Protective equipment includes gloves, headgear, and shin guards.

Wushu is not just about physical strength and technique; it also emphasizes the importance of mental strength and discipline. Practitioners are encouraged to cultivate a sense of humility, respect, and honor.

Rules & Regulations

  • Players are required to protective gear such as helmets, chest protectors, groin guards, shin guards, and mouth guards.
  • Competitors must not strike the opponent in the head with punches, kicks, or throws.
  • Competitors must not use eye gouges, groin strikes, or throat punches. These techniques are considered to be too dangerous.
  • Competitors must not throw the opponent in a way that could result in serious injury. 
  • Competitors must not hold the opponent in a way that prevents them from breathing, like chokes and joint locks.

Wushu Point System

In Wushu competitions, points are awarded based on the execution of the moves and techniques. The judges look for precision, power, speed, and creativity in the performance. A perfect score is 10

Wushu is a traditional Chinese martial art emphasizing physical and mental strength, technique, and discipline. Whether you are interested in competing or learning a new skill, Wushu provides numerous benefits and an opportunity to cultivate a sense of humility, respect, and honor.