How To Become A Pro In PUBG?

How to become a pro in PUBG: The game which took the gaming industry by storm is none other than only a year old Players underground battle, it worked as another social media platform which connected with the game lovers from all over the world. One other amazing thing which even the developers of this game haven’t imagined was the interest of all those people who have never played any video games before in their lives.

The myth that Video-gaming is the field of male players is now broken as female players share a fair percentage of players when it comes to playing. This game has changed many definitions and is here to stay, as long as it keeps engaging the people with its amazing updates and ideas.

How to become a pro in PUBG

A lot of YouTube channels have been live streaming the video of their games and have earned millions of subscribers since last year. Dynamo a Youtuber has a following of more than 3 million players only be streaming his PUBG games video.

Another star mobile player is Mortal who also won the India-Series of PUBG mobile players and has shared the prize of rupees 1 Crore with his squad. These players have become a pro in the game only with fast reflexes and tricks which they have developed while playing the game for so long. If you are also a PUBG lover and still wondering how to increase your rating in the game, you need to learn these tricks of the trade which only the pro players are using.

Tricks That Only Pro Players Are Using

How to become a pro in PUBG

  1. A good weapon combination: Master an assault rifle and a sniper rifle, there is no need to try every new weapon that you find in the game. The only that matters is how you handle the weapons in your hand.
  2. Try to complete the attachments of the weapon that you are carrying: Proper attachments like suppressors, grips and extended magazines reduces the recoil of the weapon and also helps you to aim fast.
  3. Use of peek and fire: Most beginners avoid it, but it is one of the most used ways of taking an aim on the enemy from behind a tree or from the window of a building by a Pro player.
  4. The use of headphones if you are playing on the phone: Headphones make it easy to recognize the direction of the noise especially of the footsteps.
  5. Never run in the obvious direction while going inside the zone: Go from either right or left of the circle and do not always run along the dotted line.
  6. Use smoke grenades to confuse the enemy: While going inside the zone throw smoke grenades to confuse the enemy and sneak into the circle.
  7. Run in a zig-zag motion and keep jumping: While going inside the circle never run in a single direction, run in zig-zag motion so that even if the enemy has seen you, it won’t be easy for him or her to take the aim and you can still take the cover.
  8. Fool the enemy: If you can hear the footsteps nearby, fool your enemy by firing as a bot, fire in a gap of a sec to pretend a bot is firing and when the enemy comes to increase its kill, surprise it with burst fire.
  9. Flank the enemy: If you have spotted the enemy, don’t directly aim at it, as it can be squad, rather make a flank and take it with a surprise.
  10. Bait your enemy: If you can hear the footsteps of your enemy, drop some medical-kits and hide behind the door or in a corner of the room as soon as the enemy opens the door and starts picking the kits, give it a surprise.

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