How Manchester City became one of the most dominant powers in EPL ?

English Premier League soccer match

Manchester City’s recent run in the English premier league football can certainly be quoted as a lively example of “Dominating Football” in the World around. Even though they have won the last year’s title with utmost ease while keeping all the rest of the teams at bay, it’s their revolutionary approach towards the game which has become a talk of the town lately.

While most of the people might give the credit to their overwhelming success to their World class coach Pep Guardiola who is backed with “Tons of Cash” from the club’s owners, there is much more to look through deep down under into their Success story. Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the reasons which has made Manchester city, a dominant power in EPL.

The Inception of “ Guardiola’s theory” at Manchester City

Pep Guardiola

Ever since Pep has appointed the coach of Manchester city, he has almost transformed the way this club used to play few years back. City were literally a tough team but they always used to perform in bits and pieces but once Pep put his theory around the club, a lot has changed to their fate eventually.

City always used to posses one of the best Football talents in the EPL but almost each and every one of them haven’t been used to their best spirits and roles by the previous coaches. It was only once Pep entered into the picture, that each player has been specifically assigned a respective role to the best of their strengths and positions. Raheem Stirling can be quoted as the best example of the same perspective as he was the one, who has earlier been considered as the weak link in City’s dismal performances few years back, but now been quoted as one of the best players playing in the league.

Getting the best out of the Transfer Market

Manchester City

Although City has done well even earlier in the Transfer markets with the support of their Rich owners form Qatar, it’s only after the arrival of Pep Guardiola that they have stacked some of the most impactful young talent across the globe in their squad.

This was mostly supported by Pep’s ideology of bringing on the Young and Energetic players to get along with the ever changing concept of the game. Players like Leroy sane, Gabriel Jesus and Ilkay Gundogan has really shown their class in the recent matches which certainly confirms the success of team’s trade in the Transfer market in the recent years. Although there were players like Nolito and Claudio Bravo which didn’t proved effective as compared to other recruits, but still got accommodated in the best manners possible by the coach eventually.

Manchester City’s dominance in Ball Possession

Manchester City’s ball possession percentage is another big reason for their utmost Dominance in the English premier league in the recent times. They have managed to achieve an average 66.4 % in the 201-18 season which was way ahead than the other teams. Although the EPL winners in 2015-16 season Leicester city did win the league with an Average possession of 44 percent, but city has shown the world how to win with great Dominance on the whole match altogether.

On the other hand, they have a pass completion rate of 89 % in the previous season which is also a record in the league and also shows the ruthlessness Manchester city has brought on board for their opponent in the league.

Perfect Drifting of their Full backs into Central Positions

pep guardiola coaching

Although it can be considered as a usual ploy by Pep Guardiola during his reign as a coach at Bayern Munich and even Barcelona, it has literally paid off big times during his time at Manchester city only. Even when he brought the likes of Kyle walker and Benjamin Mandy into the squad last year, the notion was to bring on players who can be as effective as a Full back who can drift into crucial midfield positions according to the demands of the match.

The ploy deemed as a success when City defeated Chelsea in a close encounter by 1-0 and the match saw Fabian delph moved into the midfield position while giving team that extra strength at the core. Although that did leave team with just 3 defenders at the back, it was the efficiency of the full back which came into picture while playing both the roles with great perfection.

The Perfect set of Wingers

Pep Guardiola is famous for his perfect utilization of the available players in the team squad and he has shown the same by accommodating the left footed Sane on the left side and the right footed Sterling on the Right end. Although he has switched their roles to keep it unpredictable at times for the opposition teams, he has never experimented too much in the process in order to bring only the best out of his players.

Presence of Kevin, the “Magician” in their Squad

Kevin De Bruyne has always been a world class footballer but it was only after he was placed accordingly to his strengths in the Manchester city team by Guardiola, which made him deliver some of the most breathtaking performances in the recent times. He along with David Silva has created numerous attacks by breaking into the channels whilst playing in a three player midfield attack.

This has transformed Kevin as a player himself and the same magic has been seen in his World cup appearance for his national team Belgium recently and Kevin himself thanks Pep for letting him play to his strengths without going too much into experimentation.

The team with the best Goal Assistance

If you think City can play only a specific number of passes or shots during as game, they will keep on surprising you for the rest of your life. Not only they have completed the most percentage of passes in the last season, they have been blessed with one of the best Midfield players with the likes of De Bruyne and David Silva who have completed the most number of passes in the entire league.

Moreover, City has always played with the belief of that “extra pass” which has really paid well for them in the EPL season. Even when players have found themselves in good situation to score a goal, they have made that “extra pass “to a player who is in a great situation altogether to do the same. This can certainly be ascertained by having a look at the “Goal strategy” of Manchester city during the last season where they have scored from unconventional positions most of the times.

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