How do the IPL Teams First Jerseys Looked

IPL Teams First Jerseys

IPL Teams First Jerseys

IPL 2019 Teams Jerseys : The role of the team jersey to distinguish their unique identify among the competing teams. It displays unity, same vision and equality among the team. Every color and stripe has its significance and meaning attached to it.

IPL changed the model of Cricket all together and gave birth to sports Club rivalry in India. Later the same model was followed by Football, Tennis and Badminton in India.

But do you remember, how does the first jersey of different franchises in the IPL looked. Let’s go through the old memory lanes and enjoy the hidden nostalgia:-

Chennai Super Kings Jersey

chennai super kings

There is a reason why Chennai Super Kings jersey is yellow other than scorching humidity. Yellow is a color of optimism, good fortune and intellect attracting prosperity in the life.

  1. Srinivasan was a firm believer in astrology and applied every good fortune remedies to make CSK a juggernaut in the tournament. The color yellow has changed the fortunes of various teams in different sports, it could be Australia in Cricket, Brazil in Football or Los Angeles Laker in NBA.

Although, there is no short cut to success and definitely not with the help of color therapy, Chennai Super Kings is the most successful team in the IPL history.

The blue stripes below the chest region were designed to give the look and feel of the Gulf oil lubricants product. The yellow fever hit the country in 2008 and has now deeply enrooted in every ardent cricket fan’s heart.

Delhi Daredevils Jersey

Delhi Daredevils

The Delhi Daredevils ownership had a contract with Adidas to release the jersey in 2008. Adidas released the red and black jerseys representing the passion and strength of the team. It was the first time Adidas used the climacool technology for sufficient ventilation and body temperature during the play.

The jersey depicted the burning passion of the players towards the game and strength to overcome all the hurdles coming their way trying to highlight the emotional side of the team.

Rajasthan Royals Jersey

Rajasthan Royals

The blue and golden Rajasthan Royals jersey represents the calming effect and rich culture, history and iconic symbols of the Rajasthan. According to a research, blue color cools the body and enables the player to focus effectively on the game.

The jersey perfectly complimented the nature of the team as they managed to win the inaugural edition of the IPL.

Mumbai Indians Jersey

Mumbai Indians

The Mumbai Indians jersey was in sky blue color way back in 2008 as Mumbai lies in the mouth of the sea. The team owners tried to keep it close to every Mumbaikar heart and left no stones unturned in making it the most cherished team of the tournament.

The management tried to give a look and feel of Indian Cricket team jersey as the heart throb Sachin Tendulkar was also the part of the squad.

Deccan Chargers (Sunrisers Hyderabad) Jersey

Deccan Chargers

Deccan Chargers team wore beige and black uniform during the inaugural edition of IPL depicting the neutrality, calmness and composure. The team implied to its colored jersey and played composed cricket, but T20 brand of cricket demands innovation, speed, strength and aggression on the ground?

Deccan Chargers managed to win only a single game throughout the tournament. The team owners discussed the concerns with the astrologers and changed the jersey color to blue.

Royal Challengers Bangalore Jersey

Royal Challengers Bangalore

The Royal Challengers Bangalore jersey was inspired from the unofficial Kannada flag with a shade of Vijay Mallaya liquor brand “Royal Challenge”. The jersey was red and yellow in color during the first edition of IPL, but couldn’t transform into performances. They managed to win only 2 matches during the tournament.

Kolkata Knight Riders Jersey

Kolkata Knight Riders

The Kolkata Knight Riders jersey in 2008 was a tribute to Goddess Kali and the gold helmet was an inspiration from Vikings Gods. Shahrukh Khan has a big fan base in Kolkata and Shahrukh gave the best shot in bringing jersey closer to Bengali culture and heritage.

Kings XI Punjab Jersey

Kings XI Punjab

The red and silver distinct shade jersey of Kings XI Punjab during the first season was a treat for the eyes, depicting the vibrant color and ecstasy of Punjab. The team managed to reach the semifinals during the tournament. Red is a color of aggression, perfectly complimenting the T20 brand of Cricket.

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