Sreesanth recalls his encounter with Andre Nel during Instagram Live

Sreesanth-Andre Nel

S. Sreesanth

A bowler who never shied away from his expressing himself on the field, Sreesanth was involved with numerous arguments with other cricketers on the field and is trying hard to make a comeback in the Indian team.

In an Instagram live video with Sportskeeda, Sreesanth talked about a series of incidents. What grabbed a lot of attention was his on-field battle with Andre Nel. He specifically spoke about the incidents involving Andre Nel and Jacques Rudolph.

In the chat, Sreesanth recalled the incident during the India tour of South Africa in 2006/07. Rudolph who was the captain of the Rest of South African team, brushed aside the fast bowler saying he was overrated. It does not go down well with Sreesanth.

“We had gone to South Africa in 2006. We were playing in Potchefstroom against a team captained by Jacques Rudolph. When he was asked about Sreesanth, he claimed to not know me. He also said that they do not consider me a fast bowler since I was ‘too slow’, and that I was overrated and wouldn’t make a difference in the series. History is going to repeat in the sense that India will come here and lose.” he told during his Instagram live.

He further added that “The next day, I got him with my first ball. Then he got out the first ball in the second innings. Three years later, when I was playing for Warwickshire, he was the Yorkshire captain. We were joking around but I got him out the first ball once again,”

When he was asked about the incident with Andre Nel, he described it as the moment of complete madness I have to admit this as  Andre Nel said: “Indians don’t have heart and the host(South Africa) was a better team”.

As what followed after this statement was Sreesanth hitting him for the six which was very unusual as he is not known much for his batting ability and after hitting that six the signature step which he did on the field still grab the headlines of all Indian cricket fans and remains fresh in their memory.

However, Sreesanth last played a Test match for India in 2011 after being a part of the team who lifted the 2011 world cup where India was the host nation too. Sreesanth was considered a lucky mascot for India as he was also part of that Indian Team who lifted the 2007 T20 world cup.