How Australia Dominated on World Cricket ?

The dominance of Australia on World Cricket before 2010

About the Australian Cricket Team

While cricket caught on very quickly, the country which accepted it initially was Australia, and they have the world’s oldest cricket team, the Australian National Cricket team. The Australian cricket team played their first match in 1871, with their first ODI being against England in 1970-71, with their first international T20 being played against New Zealand in 2004-05.

The renowned team has played a total of a stunning 814 test matches, of which they boast a won 383 matches, a losing lineup of 220 matches, with 209 matches coming to a close draw. As per October 2018, ICC Test Championship, Australia is ranked number 3 with rating points of 106.  They have played 917 ODI matches, in which they won 557 matches, lost 317 matches and 34 matches ended with no results.

As according to the ICC ODI Championship, Australia is ranked fifth, as they are certainly one of the very best teams. Australia has a record of seven World Cup appearances and five World Cup victories. Australia is the first team to win 3 consecutive World Cups (1999, 2003, and 2007). One can understand their mastery over T20 matches when they understand that out of a total 106 played matches, Australia has won the majority of 56 matches, and lost 47.

Australia in World Cricket before 2010

It is quite obvious to one that Australia has a rich cricketing heritage, their team was the first to win a match in the international level, and their team of the 2000s was considered one of the very best in the wide history of cricketing.

Excellent Players of Australian Teams

The Influence of Allan Border

However, in the 1970s, the Australians were considered a very mediocre team, as they continued to lose match after match. Things changed drastically for the Australians after the mid-1980s, as the team received Allan Border as their new captain. The esteemed cricketer, Alan Border, is considered one of the best batsmen in the whole of cricket history. It was under his expert captaincy that the Australian team won their first International Championship in 1987.

Unstoppable Shane Warne and Unmovable McGrath, Along with Awesome Ricky Pointing

Australian Team

From 2001 to 2003, Australia won 16 matches in a row, a record which remains unbroken to this very day. It was not soon after that the uber-players turned into proper legends of the cricketing industry. One of the most famous sportsmen, Shane Warne became the highest wicket taker in test cricket, with the famed and reputed Glenn McGrath becomes the highest wicket in the fast bowler category.

One of the most famous batsmen there were, Ricky Pointing was ranked the no.1 batsman in 2015, as he went on to score the maximum number of centuries in a single calendar year, 2006-2007. The 2003 and 2007 world cups were again won by the esteemed Australian team.

Other Famous Players on Australian Teams

Brett Lee and McGrath

There are several reasons behind the awesome game play displayed by Australian teams – an unspeakable unity, a surprisingly aggressive style of play and unmatched bench strength. One can observe their unity proper when they understand that the players played as a unit, and they served to supplement each other’s faults. Brett Lee and McGrath had formed the best bowling pair.

Brett Lee bowled much quicker and attacks stump to stump, whereas McGrath bowled in line and length deliveries at a medium pace, which made it difficult for the batsmen to adjust accordingly and score runs. This dynamic duo confused many batsmen, sending their reflexes spinning out of control as wicket after wicket fell to their mighty assault. As for Shane Warne, there can be no doubt against his ability, as he took wickets against every country he played.

Whenever the top order batting line-up failed to deliver as a team,, Martin, Symonds, and Bevan used to take the whole pressure on themselves, and used to play quite sensibly, taking the team to a decent total. This unity that was present among the players and their hunger to win the matches made them reach new and unheard of heights.

They played in order to win matches, not to draw a test. They played their best until the last ball was bowled, even in the matches where the victory seemed very far. Their bench strength is superior when compared to most of the teams playing eleven.

This Australian cricket team was the greatest teams of all times as they single handedly dominated the World Cricket for around 12 years.

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