History of Nepal Cricket, Check When National Team Was Formed

nepal cricket

Nepal cricket is one of the most amazing sports in Nepal, and there are thousands of people who have taken it in their country. Rana Dunasty introduced it. When they came back from studies, they used to play cricket in the 1920s, and then they established and promoted various programmes in Nepal in 1946.

The Rana family ruled Nepal from 1846 to 1951, and this period is referred to as the Rana Dynasty. The Ranas, a prominent aristocratic family, served as Nepal’s prime minister throughout this time. They maintained strong authoritarian control and exercised absolute power.

The British colonial era had a big impact on the Rana Dynasty’s interest in cricket. Although Nepal was not under direct British rule under the British Raj, it had a close relationship with British India. Cricket was introduced to Nepal via British influence and cultural contacts, where it became popular among the aristocracy, particularly the Rana family.

Cricket was a favourite sport of the Rana emperors, who were noted for their propensity to embrace elements of Western culture. They viewed it as a badge of honour and a way to show their ties to the British Empire. The cricket-playing Rana kings and queens encouraged their family members and close friends to play the game.
Within the elite Rana family’s social circles, cricket was frequently played. The Rana family staged matches among themselves and invited British officers and other guests to take part. The Rana kings also supported the development of cricket infrastructure, including the construction of fields and facilities.

In the year 1961, there was an amazing turnaround in the game of cricket. Cricket became a part of Nepal, and Kathmandu became the limited office for the Nepal Cricket team. It’s been 23 years since Nepal played their first international game and showcased their talents and what they are capable of.

However, in 2007, they established the National Nepal Women’s Cricket Team. On March 15, 2018, they created history by gaining status at the international level in one day, along with T20. In the 2018 World Cup, Nepal made a maiden entry, and also in the 2014 T20 World Cup, Bangladesh.

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