Iconic moments and the achievements of the Nepal Cricket team

Iconic moments and the achievements of the Nepal Cricket team

There are several achievements of the Nepal Cricket team. Most of these achievements have been in the T20 format. They have beaten the teams like Pakistan and even New Zealand. This has made them a very strong team among all the associate members of the ICC. But the fans are certainly having much bigger expectations from them. They want Nepal cricket to do well enough to get qualified for the 50 overs world cup. But it is certainly not that easy. It is necessary for the Nepal cricket team to do well both in the bowling and batting department. Till now, they have been winning most of the matches through their batting. Once they’re able to do well in both departments, they’ll certainly qualify for the 50-over World Cup.

List of the Iconic wins of the Nepal Cricket team:

You can see the list of the Nepal Cricket team’s iconic matches and moments. This is certainly going to bring a smile on your face, because they have defeated some really strong opponents, with a big margine.

2002 U19 WC

In the U19 World Cup of 2002, Nepal defeated Pakistan with a margine of 30 runs. That surprised the whole world with the performance of the Bangladesh. This gave Nepal a great amount of confidence, that went on to get victory over a much senior associate team, that was Bangladesh. Bardan Chalise, was the best performed in both of these matches. He went on to win the man of the match award on both the occasions. Against Pakistan he was able to score 42 runs, and against Bangladesh, he got the score of 27 and also took three wickets.

2006 U19 WC

In this World Cup Nepal cricket team emerged as an even better side. They went on to get a victory against one of the strongest team. That was New Zealand in the finals. They were able to defeat New Zealand by one wicket.

2006 ACC cup

In the 2006 ACC cup Nepal was able to bowl the Myanmar out for on 10 runs. That is the best bowling performance Nepal has ever give till date. There bowler Mehboob Alam went on to take seven wickets.

Mehboob Alam 10 wickets

Yes, one of the Nepal’s bowler Mehboob Alam has taken 10 wickets. He became the holder of the Guinness record, by taking 10 wickets for only 12 runs. After going through the list of Nepal Cricket team’s iconic matches and moments there is no doubt that they have the potential to give the performance. It is only a matter of time, and they’ll become the best side.