Nepal cricket team’s development programs

Nepal cricket team’s development programs

In Nepal, the most popular sport is cricket, and the fans are desperate to see their team get qualified for the 50 overs world cup. For that, their team would need to win a number of matches consistently. However, before winning, it is important to have the right development program. In
this manner, the team will be able to give their best.

Development programs for the Nepal Cricket team

The beginning of Nepal’s cricket development programs and initiatives started happening during the 1990s. During that time, there were a number of regional and district tournaments that were conducted. With the help of these tournaments, the players were able to improve their
skills and records to get qualified for a higher level of cricket. Cricket was even promoted in schools, so that talent could be improved from a very young age.

Becoming a member of ACC

In the year 1990, Nepal became an associate member of the ACC. In that manner, they were able to play in the tournaments that were conducted by ACC. That really helped the Nepal team to improve their performance. This led them to become full time members of the ACC in the
year 1994.

ICC membership

In the year 1996, Nepal cricket was able to get associate membership of the ICC. That happened because of their consistent training programs under the ACC. The tournaments they played under the ACC helped them to become a far better team. However, the road to the full time membership of the ICC is still far away.

Cricket Grounds available in Nepal

There are several cricket grounds available in Nepal. They have a total of 65 grounds for cricket. Not all of them are used for international matches. The Pokhara cricket ground is used for the purpose of conducting the international matches. Also, Tribhuvan University International
cricket ground is used for some of the cricket matches. No doubt that Nepal is making great progress in making their team forward in the world of cricket.

However, a long journey is still waiting for them. Once Nepal’s cricket development programs and initiatives become successful, then they can become a full time member of the ICC.