History of Boxing in Asian Games


The Asian Games is an international multi-sport competition conducted every four years for athletes from Asian nations. Boxing has a long history there. Since the beginning of the Asian Games in 1951, boxing has been a consistent component of the competition schedule.

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The inaugural edition of the Asian Games was held in India’s capital city of New Delhi from March 4 to March 11 in 1951. One of the 12 sports on the schedule was boxing, where competitors from participating Asian countries participated in various weight divisions.

With nations like Japan, South Korea, India, and Thailand being major forces in the sport, boxing continued to be included in later Asian Games competitions.

The inclusion of women’s boxing at the 7th Asian Games, held in Tehran, Iran, was one of the major turning points in Asian Games boxing history. In that edition, women’s boxing was an exhibition sport; starting with the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, it was formally added to the Asian Games schedule.

With more nations taking part and investing in the sport, boxing at the Asian Games has grown and developed over time. As a result, competition became more intense, and fresh talent from diverse Asian countries emerged.

Asian boxing saw the rise of countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and the Philippines as major forces, capturing numerous medals in various weight divisions. Like other significant boxing events, the Asian Games adhere to the International Boxing Association’s (AIBA) rules and regulations.

Boxing has been a significant and eagerly anticipated sport in recent Asian Games competitions. The 18th Asian Games took place in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2018, while the 19th will now be hosted in Hangzhou, China, next month.

Boxing at the Asian Games has given skilled boxers a stage to display their abilities and fight on a global scale. It has aided in the overall expansion and improvement of amateur boxing in Asia and has raised awareness of the sport both inside the region and outside of it.