He is in media for such statements: Maxwell responds to Sehwag “Cheerleader” remark

Glenn Maxwell who didn’t perform well for KXIP in recently concluded IPL 2020 has received a harsh criticism from Former Indian Batsman Virender Sehwag’s Cheerleader remark saying that he will consider this statement as pinch of salt and will move on quickly as Viru is very outspoken with his dislike about me.

“It’s ok. Viru is pretty outspoken with his dislike of me, and that’s fine. He’s allowed to say whatever he likes. He’s in the media for such statements, so that’s fine. I deal with that and move on, and take it with a grain of salt with Sehwag,” the West Australian quoted Maxwell as saying

“I think I’m better equipped with dealing with those sorts of things now. In hindsight it was a pretty good time to go through something like that where I was able to put some groundwork in to deal with adversity. This year has certainly been a massive test of it. To be able to help people through different times of tough periods and be able to help myself through those tough periods has been really key as well.”

KXIP was counting on Maxwell to stand up for them in the recently concluded IPL especially when top order fails but Maxwell was not able to deliver in those crunch moments resulting Punjab finished at the sixth spot in IPL 2020 league standings and couldn’t advance to the semifinal round despite playing good cricket on numerous occasions. Taking about Maxwell performance in IPL 2020 he scored 108 runs in 13 matches he played at a batting average of 15.4 without hitting a single six which is quite unusual considering the Maxwell standards in T20 cricket.

Let’s have a look at Sehwag statement where he said “Glenn Maxwell. This 10 crore cheerleader proved very costly for Punjab. His IPL routine for the last few years has been of shirking from work but this season he broke that record as well. This is what you call a highly paid vacation,” Sehwag said of Maxwell in an episode of his YouTube show ‘Viru ki Baithak”.

Maybe Viru could have used better words to criticise Maxwell as he himself played the game and knows this better that every players goes through rough patch and no one is consistent in the game of cricket.