Gymnastics | The Art of Body Flexibility


Hearing the term ‘Gymnastics’ gives you a sense of awe and wonder. For an amazing show, the artists performing this sport require body control, strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance. Once you start practicing gymnastics, you can see the development of your various body parts such as arms, thighs, shoulders, back, etc. There will be quick progress in your mental power, willpower, and self-confidence.

The Gymnastics in Greek means to train naked. In ancient Greek civilization, gymnastics was introduced to help in the overall development of the body and spirit through various exercises such as running, jumping, swimming, etc. Both the men and women participated actively in this. They were also preparing the soldiers for the war through this.

The modern gymnastics was developed in the late 1700s in Germany by Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, who is considered to be the father of gymnastics. He invented various features such as the sidebar, the horizontal bar, the parallel bars, etc.  Many traditional gymnastic practices were not included in the modern-day performances.

The international body, which takes responsibility for conducting various gymnastic events, is Federation Internationale De Gymnastique (FIG). Apart from this international body, there are several national bodies, which work under the supervision of FIG. This sport is also a part of the Olympics events for men since 1896 and for women since 1936.

The men usually perform in the events such as rings, long or vaulting horses where there is a stress on upper body strength and flexibility while the women’s events are a vault, balance beam, uneven bars which are performed with the background music. These events are performed either by a single person or a team of six persons. While performing in a group, the team should cooperate well with the utmost perfection.

The different types of Gymnastics are trampolining, acrobatic gymnastics, aerobic gymnastics, parkour, etc.

The artists performing this feat are really incredible as they have to perform the events in a very graceful manner though they are difficult to perform.

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