FIFA ready to provide financial aid to the football community amid the coronavirus outbreak

FIFA ready to provide financial aid to the football communities amid the coronavirus outbreak

The global coronavirus outbreak has severely impacted lives all around the world and has brought the sports activities to a standstill. The football community is also left in a tight spot considering its financial situation. However, the football governing body, FIFA, hasn’t lost its sporting spirit and are coming forward to combat the impact of the pandemic on the football industry.


Having a reserve of 2.745 billion dollars, FIFA is undertaking measures to support the football community. Given it is in a much better spot monetarily, the association is of the view that they should extend their support to the ones in need during this dark phase and looking for prospects of funding the sport as the pandemic has rendered the upcoming Cups and Championships in the game, immobile, and it is going to drastically affect the economic conditions of several people in connection with the sport.

Two weeks ago the FIFA President Gianni Infantino and agreed to explore a “support fund,” and now it seems clear that FIFA has already engaged in talks with six regional confederations and member associations to determine the mechanism to distribute the cash.

 “FIFA is in a strong financial situation and it’s our duty to do the utmost to help them in their hour of need.

 “FIFA is working on possibilities to provide assistance to the football community around the world after making a comprehensive assessment of the financial impact this pandemic will have on football.”, FIFA said as quoted by The Associated Post.

Although at present, many current and upcoming football tournaments have been called off, the football society is extending a helping hand all over the world in the form of donations to assist in medical services and campaigns to spread positive messages.

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