“Ederson is Manchester City’s best penalty taker”-opines Guardiola

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Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola opined that his goalkeeper, Ederson is best among the lot to take penalties. Guardiola’s statement came after Cityzens failure to convert the penalties in the decisive moments of the game. Gabriel Jesus’s shot was saved by Dea Henderson in the first half of the game against Sheffield where Cityzens earned the victory after a lot of fight on Tuesday late night kick-off.guardiola-jokes-goalkeeper-ederson-to-take-on-manchester-citys-penalty-woes.

The miss was Brazilian’s third miss in five top-tier attempts. However, even the talismanic Sergio Aguero and Raheem Sterling have seen their shots saved in the Premier League.

When asked about the same to Manchester City’s manager, Pep Guardiola, he said;


“I have to reflect on it. I always have the confidence in the players to take it, but I have to reflect on maybe how they take the decision on who will take it.

“Not [just] for Gabriel today, because Sergio missed two and Raheem missed one and a half against Wolves [a twice-taken, twice-saved penalty, with Sterling netting the rebound from the second].

“We are not safe. In that level it’s so important, it makes the difference most of the time.

“I have to take a decision with the guys over who is going to take the penalty.”

Asked if he had someone in mind, Guardiola said he did but would not reveal a name, except to add:ederson-man-city

“Ederson is the best. Believe me, Eddie is the best taker we have on the penalties.

“He has no blood in his brains, he’s so calm, so he could do it.”

“I heard them [the fans] chanting my name, asking me to take the penalty, but Gabriel went there,”

When the shot-stopper, Ederson was asked regarding the same, he said;

“Unfortunately he missed it and Bernardo, fortunately, scored, but if the manager had asked me to go there, I would have definitely scored.

I’m not sure if I would be able to do set-pieces, but I’m good at penalties, either using power or technique when I’m shooting.

“City have their regular penalty takers and we have good options, but if Pep asks me to take it, I’m there. Hopefully it will happen. I’d like to score.”