Does the ‘No. of Boundaries’ Rule Do Justice? This is What the Experts Think

‘No. of Boundaries’ Rule Do Justice

‘No. of Boundaries’ Rule Do JusticeThe final of the ICC World Cup 2019 lived up to its billing. It was a match worthy of a final. But did the way of arriving at the result do justice to it?

England failed to get 2 runs off the last ball and as a result, the final headed to the Super Over. It was already dubbed as the best final ever. Little did we know what will happen next.

Out came Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes to kick-start the Super Over for England with the bat. The duo started from where they had left, and managed to put 15 on the board.

With 16 to get, New Zealand sent Jimmy Neesham and Martin Guptill to bat. Neesham did the majority of the work and New Zealand just needed 2 off the last ball. Guptill struck the ball to mid-wicket, but the throw came firing in and Guptill fell short, ending the Super Over in a tie as well. But that meant, England won the World Cup. Surprised?

What’s the Rule?
The rule states that if the Super Over ends in a tie, the team with more boundaries in the innings and Super Over comes out triumphant. With England having scored 24 boundaries, 8 more than the Kiwis, they ended up as the winners of the World Cup.

How fans and experts reacted?
With richer support for New Zealand anyway, losing the way they did, on account of lesser boundaries scored, it put the fans and the experts under extreme anger and disappointment, which they vented out through social media.

New Zealand had put up a brilliant show and the way they fought with limited resources was very impressive.

Was it Fair?
Well, the ICC had made the rules clear well before the World Cup. No one contested it then, and hence, no one should really have complaints now. However, it has given ICC a major thinking point. Little would they have thought it would come down to this in the World Cup final.

Possible Alternatives?
A big fraction of people are in favour of the team losing less wickets be crowned champions. There are other another set of people who feel like in football, the game goes to sudden death, in tennis, the game extends, maybe something similar can be done with cricket as well. 

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