IPL 2023 Final: At 41 MS Dhoni Still Got It, Does Lighting Fast Stumping To Dismiss Shubman Gill

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There is no doubt that Dhoni has been the greatest wicketkeeper India has produced. However, the question is whether he is still the greatest wicketkeeper. The way Dhoni got Shubman Gill out today in the final of the IPL 2023 was certainly surreal. Shubman Gill got three centuries in the last four matches, and there is no doubt he was the most dangerous batsman from Gujrat Titans. But his wicket was certainly the most important of the match. Dhoni’s lightning-fast stumping to dismiss dangerous Shubman Gill is the first instance of Dhoni’s remarkable skills.

Best Stumping moments of Dhoni

There have been a number of times when Dhoni shocked the world with his speed and agility. You can read about some of those moments below.

 India vs. Zealand 2009

 In the 2009 series of India vs. New Zealand, Dhoni got Jacob Orams’s wicket in a lightning-fast manner. Even though Dhoni knew that there was an edge, he made sure that the team got the wicket either way.

India vs. Australia T20 2009

 Can you believe it? The stumping of Mitchel Marsh was done by Dhoni in just 0.09 seconds. That is certainly inhuman, and by doing that, Dhoni set the record of the fastest stumping in the history of cricket.

India vs. Australia T20 2016

 Looks like Dhoni loves to show his agility against the Australian team. Glenn Maxwell’s wicket in the T20 series in 2016, showed that this man is certainly anti-aging.

Finals of the ICC Champions Trophy in 2013

 Getting the wicket of Ian Bell in the match against England was certainly very important on that time. Dhoni went on to get his wicket without any issue through his stumping skills, and that changed the course of the match.

So, the above-given instances clearly show that Dhoni is quite used to doing miracles. Lets see for how long his anti aging fitness keeps him going.