Delay in the Asia Cup schedule due to the higher revenue demand from PCB

Asia Cup

There is no doubt about the fact that the Asia Cup is an important tournament for India and even for the other team. It is important for India to ensure that they go on to win the tournament so that they’ll be in good form in the World Cup 2023. However, due to constant delays in the tournament, fans have started losing excitement. Recently, the delay is happening because of the demand for revenue by the PCB.  

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Reasons Behind the Delay in the Asia Cup Schedule

There are several reasons behind the delay of the tournament. PCB would need to ensure that they come up with a fixed decision, only then things will be able to move forward. 

  • The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) agreed to the hybrid model in the past, But lately, they have changed their minds. They want more revenue share from Sri Lanka in the Asian Games 2023. 
  • PCB wants the same amount of revenue share, as India was getting in the T20 Asia Cup, last year. 
  • For this purpose, ACC arranged a two-day meeting in Dubai. 

Originally Pakistan is the host of the Asia Cup. But only 4 games are going to be played there, and 9 matches are going to be hosted by Sri Lanka. Even the two India v. Pakistan matches are also going to be played in Sri Lanka. 

Why India doesn’t want to play in Pakistan?

Due to geopolitical reasons, India doesn’t want to play in Pakistan. Due to this issue, ACC came to the conclusion, that Asia Cup is going to be played in a hybrid model. This decision was taken for the benefit of the Cricket. 

Now it is going to be interesting to see, that what is going to be the outcome of the meetings between PCB and ACC. But one thing is sure, fans are desperate to see India vs Pakistan match.