DC and SRH journey for IPL 2023 gets over, But still can spoil the game of these 4 teams! Know in detail

DC and SRH journey for IPL 2023 gets over, But still can spoil the game of these 4 teams! Know in detail

The real game has just begun in IPL 2023. This is because two teams have been eliminated from the IPL playoff race, while one team has qualified for the playoffs. Now the team which is running at number one, its place is safe for the playoffs, but the teams which are now out of this race, they can spoil the game of other teams.

Till now the teams were playing for themselves, But now the teams that are out can create difficulties for the teams that are still in the playoff race. The special thing is that these game spoiling matches are not going to be one or two, but at least four.

First of all, let’s talk about Delhi Capitals, captained by David Warner. DC’s team was the first team in IPL 2023 to be eliminated from the playoffs. But the team still has two matches left. The team will play their next match against Punjab Kings on 17th May at Dharamshala. Punjab Kings still have a chance to go to the playoffs.

Although the team is currently at number eight with 12 points from 12 matches, but if PBKS wins both its matches, then it will have a chance to go into the top 4. But this hope will fade as soon as they lose a match. That is, if Delhi Capitals beat Punjab Kings in the next match, then along with Delhi, the game of Punjab may also end. After this, Delhi’s next match is with Chennai Super Kings on 20 May.

Although there is a possibility about CSK that it will go to the playoffs, but to confirm its place, it will have to win its last league match against Delhi. This match will be played at Delhi’s home ground. If the Delhi team wins this match, then CSK’s case will get stuck in If and But. That means Punjab Kings and Chennai Super Kings are in danger from Delhi.

Now let’s talk about SRH captained by Aiden Markram. Because after losing to Gujarat Titans on Monday, Sunrisers Hyderabad’s chances of going to the playoffs are over. The next match of the team will be against RCB on May 18 in Hyderabad i.e. at their home. RCB is also a contender for the playoffs, but if they lose a match, their game will be almost over.

Whereas SRH’s next match is with Mumbai Indians, Mumbai Indians are currently in top 4, but if SRH beat them, they will not be out, but their chances will be very less. If the Mumbai team wins this match, then its place in the playoffs will be almost confirmed, but after the defeat, it will have to depend on the performance of the other teams.

That is, there is a danger of four teams in total from SRH and DC, which are still intact in the playoff race. It remains to be seen whether these teams can spoil the game, or lose their next matches and remain at number nine and ten in the points table.