Top 10 Controversies In Cricket that Shook the World


Controversies in Cricket: In the world of cricket where there is full of aggression and positivity, negativity always attains its share as it does in human life. controversy creates tension among boards, fans and it is only positive to the media and content writers because it gives topics to write. Fine, let us take that as a joke and see why controversy happen? it is when the emotion takes control of a human being which ends up in a limitless act. When this happens, yes, of course, it ends in wrongdoing. In today’s column, let us discuss the top 10 controversies in Cricket which shocked the cricket world.

Biggest Controversies In International Cricket

10) Afridi Getting Banned in 2010

In a cricket match, ball tampering is the biggest offense as it is a way of cheating and cheating is the biggest crime inside the field. In camera’s Afridi was caught in a camera that he tampered the condition of the ball but in the inquiry, it was proven that he committed it by mistake which actually reduced his punishment.

He was banned only for two games which are actually could have been a year. It was also the first time Afridi came into such scanner and the first-time idea would have helped him get out from big penalty or big ban. This is surely one of the controversies happened in the cricket field.

 Afridi getting banned

9) Monkey Gate, Sydney Test, 2008

The clash between players is normal, but in the 2008 Sydney test, it went over the line that it ended in controversy. It is the incident which involved Harbhajan Singh and Andrew Symonds which ended in an ugly exchange of words when bhajji made a brutal remark by calling Symonds a monkey. This has become a huge controversy among Australian players and Indian players, and it created a big tension between two teams.

Monkey gate Sydney

8) Umpiring Decisions, 2008 Sydney test

In the same test again, there was a very big controversy due to the biggest error in the umpiring decisions. India was on top on the first day of the test match a since then umpiring error has costed the game for team India. It was not once or twice, there were almost 7-8 major umpiring errors which changed the result of the game.

India should have made it 1-1 but umpiring made it 2-0 for Australia. Indian captain Anil Kumble said that only one team that is India played in the right spirit of the game. Yes, Australia did not hold any sportsmanship in that match, we have all the guts to write it here. A legend like Ponting, not holding the spirit was a big disappointment for all cricket fans. At the first day, Symonds was not given out and he scored a hundred, then Ganguly and Dravid were not out which was given out and five more major errors which cost India the game. Since then, everyone started looking at Australian team as near cheaters and that game was a big series changer as it became 2-1 for Australia in the end, but it was actually 2-1 for India.

Sydney test

7) Sreesanth Slapgate

Sledding is possible in every way of cricket and it will be good if it is maintained in the limit. In the opening edition of Indian premier league, in the match against Kings 11 Punjab and Mumbai Indians, Harbhajan slapped Sreesanth which actually made him go emotional and it sparked great controversy. Maybe Bhajji got carried away on the heat of the moment and he allowed anger took control of him. it was the first big controversy in the history of IPL and still, it is fresh on the memory of cricket fans.

Sreesanth slapgate

6) 2013 Match-Fixing Scandal

In the 2013 IPL, IPL was hit by a massive bad storm of match-fixing when two Rajasthan Royals players Ankit Chavan and Sreesanth was accused of match-fixing and was handed a lifetime ban from the cricket. it was the end of the road for the superstar bowler in Sreesanth. It hugely depressed the team management and IPL was received with a bad impression for the few days after that. it is very ugly to be got involved in match-fixing as it is the biggest cheating as a player.

Controversies In Cricket

5) Sandpaper Gate

Controversies In Cricket: In the test match against South Africa, three main Australian players were banned for one year from playing cricket for cheating in the match with ball tampering. They used sandpaper for shining the ball so that it wills wing better and winning will come easily. It sparked the ugliest controversy among the media and board and a huge inquiry was going on in the cricket world. Australian board has finally banned all the three players involved in this, which was well appreciated by other cricketing boards as banning their two main players boldly needs an utmost level of guts. This is not for the Australian board; it was the decision which will help cleaning cheating activities all over the world.

Controversies In Cricket

4) Lan Bell Wicket in 2011 World Cup

I am Bell was given not out in the game against India for an lBW decision, it made cricket world go crazy as it is hitting the leg stump even after the review. But the truth is, it was a correct umpiring decision as batsman’s leg was 2.5 cm in front of the crease. This wicket sparked controversy because the game was ended in a tie rather than an Indian win.

Controversies In Cricket

3) Riots at Kolkata

It was a 1996 semifinal; India was cruising to victory in the semifinal as Sachin was smashing the Lankan bowlers all-round the park. Then a major collapse in the history of cricket happened, and it reduced India to 120-8 which made fans angry and they set up the stands on fire which mad the match get called off and Sri Lanka got qualified for the final and won the world cup.  It was a disgraceful act from the fans but that is what expected to happen in cricket crazy nation like India. It will be remembered as the biggest controversy in Indian cricket history.

Controversies In Cricket

2) The Oval Test, 2010

World cricket was hit by the biggest issue again as three Pakistani cricketers were banned for match-fixing by ICC for deliberately bowling no ball and was caught by police for match-fixing. This has shocked the cricket world as everyone involved in the fixing was banned for lifetime and Amir was banned for five years considering his age. Out of all players, only Amir was banned for five years was able to come back and perform strongly for the team.

 The oval test, 2010

1) The Chappell Delivery

In the year of 1981, Chappell bowled an underarm ball which shocked the world and made cricket rules to get revised against the under-arm ball. It was legal by then sparked heavy controversy. Even though it was by rules, it was seen as against the spirit of the cricket and lack of sportsmanship.

Controversies In Cricket

Some other important Controversies in Cricket

  • The Bodyline Series:

The most ancient controversy in the history of cricket is this controversy, as bowlers were aiming the ball at the body of the batsmen. No batsman as injured but created tension between the two countries.

  • 2007 world cup, Bob Woolmer Death:

Bob Woolmer died just after Pakistan crashing out at the 2007 world cup and that is the biggest mystery and controversy till now in international cricket. the case was closed as suicide, but it is one of the darkest days for the cricket world.

Emotions should be in our control; it is very difficult once the emotion is crossed and it hurts cricket sentiments. Cricket is gentleman’s game and it will be very nice if each player will be able to maintain that name, it is important that it will be maintained as a clean game rather than getting ugly controversy regularly.

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