Commonwealth Games 2022 LIVE Updates: Weightlifter Sanket Mahadev Sargar Wins Silver Medal, India’s 1st Medal At CWG 2022


Sanket Sargar Wins India’s First Silver Medal in Commonwealths Games 2022

Commonwealth Games 2022 LIVE Updates: Indian Weightlifter Sanket Mahadev Sargar won the silver medal in Men’s 55 kg category in Weightlifting to claimed India’s first medal at the Commonwealth Games 2022. This was the first time young Indian weightlifter was competing in CWG. It was also helped team India to win its first medal at the CWG 2022 in Birmingham.

The Indian youngster Sanket Sargar lifted a total of 248 kg as 113 in the snatch and 135 kg in clutch and jerk. Sanket was leading at the top in the men’s 55kg event after his successful attempt of 113 kg in snatch. He later go on to attempt 135 kg in clean and jerk. which was also highest at the moment.

Unfortunately, in his second attempt of 139 kg, Indian weightlifter suffered an injury to his left arm.

However, Sanket would go on to show amazing endurance and determination as he tried his third and final attempt one more time, with 139 kg, but couldn’t complete the lift. 

Malaysian Weightlifter Bin Kasdan Mohamad Aniq won the gold medal as he completed a lift of 142kg in clean & jerk to take his total to 249kg as beat the Sanket Sargar by just 1kg difference.