The Truth behind the Popularity of Chinese Super League

chinese super league

Chinese Super League is not something which has been introduced of late to the world. The game is known as  money making wand which ensures to make enough cash required for the player. Not many years ago, there were speculations that the game would not last long as not many were interested to participate in the same, however when the game found some star names during the January Transfers , the face of the game entirely changed. These players played for enjoyment rather than to make money, but since they were a world famous; money start twinkling in the game and even the government supported the same.

chinese super league

Players such as Jackson Martinez, Teixeira and Ramires all in all made around a total of 90 euro millions in the very first Chinese super league after January Transfers. Considering that the game was not followed by many the entire game turned to a magic wand which people were interested to watch and even to invest. Looking at the success of the by-chance popular league, different Chinese clubs clubbed together and carried the same trend in the next summers too.

Big names such as Hulk who was amongst the most followed player from Brazil, switched to Zenit St. Petersburg to Shanghai for a massive 65 Euro millions. Other than that Graziano and Papis Cisse also followed the league. A total of 3.2 lac million euro flowed in the game after these star players joined the league. As per a recent survey 4/10 players play for China , hence one can easily get on to a conclusion that Chinese Super League has a bright future ahead. Here is the list of top 10 paid star footballers in the Chinese Super League

  • CR7 – 21m€ million euros
  • Messi – 20 million euros
  • Hulk – 20 million euros
  • Neymar – 19 million euros
  • Ibra – 16 million euros
  • Pellé  -16 million euros
  • TMüller – 13.5 million euros
  • Lavezzi -13 million euros
  • JacksonM. -12.5 million euros
  • TSilva -12 million euros

Interesting Facts about Chinese Super League

Here are some more fun facts related to the enthralling Chinese Super League,

  • Originally known as

Initially the game was known as the Ping A Chinese Football Association Super League. It was known as the Chinese Football Association Jia-A League until 2004, when it was re-sponsored and become a brand.

  • The teams participating in it

Upon the commencement of the CSL, there were 12 groups that participated. Be that as it may, it has now extended to 16 groups. Two are consigned every year, and two are advanced from the second level (the to some degree confusingly named Jia League). The best three groups fit the bill for the AFC Champions League.

  • Season

The season by and large keeps running from February/March to November/December. Each group takes on the other twice, for a sum of 240 games which they play during the Super League.

  • International  Players

Each team in Chinese Super League is allowed to have 4 international players apart from it the fifth player has to be from the AFC region from countries such as Japan, Australia , Korea, Afghanistan and other countries. As per the rules only 4 players has to be on the field and it is mandatory to have Chinese goalkeepers during the play.

The Champions

Dalian Shide, popularly known as Dalian Wanda is the lucky mascot for Chinese super league. The team has a record to secure a win over 8 consecutive times in total. The merger done in 2013 and had given the team strength and then after the team had ruled the game completely.

Other than Dalians, at the moment Guangzhou Evergrande  is one group which has emerged as the strongest team and others are finding it tough to beat them. Being trained under the Brazil mentor Felipe Luis Scolari , the team has become a tough nut to crack. Till now, the team has won three titles.

The Stars of Chinese Super League

paulinho chinese super league

Martinez, Teixeira, Ramires, Hulk, Pelle and Cisse definitely make to the list of top 10 but the following also are amongst the top rankers in the incredible Chinese league. To name a few includes;

  • Paulinho (Guangzhou Evergrande)
  • Tim Cahill (Hangzhou Greentown)
  • Fredy Guarin (Shanghai Greenland Shenhua)
  • Ezequiel Lavezzi (Hebei China Fortune)
  • Demba Ba (Shanghai Greenland Shenhua)
  • Gervinho (Hebei China Fortune)
  • Stephane M’bia (Hebei China Fortune)
  • Burak Yilmaz (Beijing Guoan)

The above mentioned names are the scorers but definitely there are ample of others which is going to leave the mark in the game with the fair play and much more.

Chinese Super League – Why it is tagged as the top Money Making Game

Money Making Game

Football in China has gotten a major lift thanks to a limited extent to president Xi Jinping’s national activity to help Chinese soccer on the world stage. The Chinese government has promised that 20,000 football-themed schools will be in activity by 2020, per CNN, and football is a required piece of the school educational modules. This push is exemplified by the Evergrande Football School, which is a $185 million youth soccer office in Qingyuan, Guangdong.

Such an overwhelming interest to make the roots strong for the home soccer, is what made the president invest in the game immensely. Though, one has to really look in that being the most financially sound league,can get hold of  the interest for viewers in game. Till now, the game is making into news because of the money invested and the star names such as Oscar being involved in it.

The reason behind investing in International Players

investing in International Players

Soccer has always remained a favorite for Jinping, the Chinese President. His fascination for the game has only grown with the game being famous. In a recent interview, he was found admitting that China has ample of local soccer heroes, but no one values them as they don’t have their home ground to support.

The game is his initiative to support the dreams of those aspiring footballers who can represent the country internationally but can hardly do so as  there was not much scope for the Chinese players. The international engagement brings audience and sponsors resulting into identification of local talent and exploration of the same.

Cash has never been the reason for Xi where soccer is concerned. He needs Chinese individuals in Chinese stadiums and Chinese watchers watching Chinese broadcasts—every one of them charmed by Chinese soccer. In that, he is trying to bring things together so that Chinese soccer players become the likes of Messi and Oscar who are amongst the most sought out players.

With so much personal effort from the President Xi, one can be ensured that Chinese Soccer definitely has a bright future. In the coming years, one can find Chinese Soccer players playing for international leagues and becoming a part of the most powerful soccer teams across the world.

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