Chinese Super League 中超联赛 (Chinese Football Association Super League)

Chinese Super League

The Chinese Football Association Super League, known more commonly as Chinese Super League or CSL, is one of the most prestigious leagues of professional football in the Chinese Republic and provides its services under the banner of the Chinese Football Association. Recently, for reasons of sponsorship, the name of this age-old League was changed to the China Ping An Chinese Football Association Super League. This League, the best in all of China, was created when the former highest league, Chinese Football Association Jia-A had a huge overhaul and was rebranded, in 2004.

Chinese Super League

The Chinese Super League, to use the common term, is the most outstanding athletic group for football in the whole of China and recorded a record-breaking number of 23,766 watchers in the 2017 season. The CSL ranks a whopping 12th on the list of country-specific honored sports organizations on the planet and a mind-blowing 5th on the list of expert football associations in the world.

Chinese Football Association Super League

Since its inception in 2004 (which had 12 participating teams), the organization has grown tremendously, as a sum-total of 31 teams have participated in the CSL, with 16 competing teams in the present season. The title, one reserved for only the very best of the best, has so far been won by six teams:

  1. Shenzhen Jianlibao
  2. Dalian Shide
  3. Shandong Luneng
  4. Changchun Yatai
  5. Beijing Guoan
  6. Guangzhou Evergrande

The League season usually starts during the spring months of February and March, coming to an end during the cold winter months of November or December.A total of 16 leagues take part in the prestigious Chinese Super League Tournaments, with each playing 30 games, which adds up to a whopping 240 games hosted in a single season!

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The ranking of a particular club or team in the League is determined by the points they have collected during the span of the season. When two teams are equal on points and face a tie, the CSL has devised many innovative tiebreakers so the ranking so does not get confusing. Some of the tiebreakers are:

Chinese Super League

  • Most elevated number of points gathered in matches between the groups concerned;
  • Most elevated goal contrast in matches between the groups concerned;
  • Most elevated number of goal scored in matches between the groups concerned;
  • Most elevated points gathered by the reserve groups in the reserve league.
  • Most noteworthy points aggregated by the U19 groups in the U19 league.
  • Most elevated goal distinction;
  • Most elevated number of goal scored;
  • Fair play points (Clubs deduct 1 point for a yellow card, and 3 focuses for a red card);
  • Draw by parcel;


When The League was founded in 2004, with 12 teams participating, it was very controversial since there were rumors of match-fixing and illegal gambling. Domestic teams, upon facing these accusations, had to withdraw from the club itself and faced a financial crisis. To counter this and reinvigorate interest in the League, the administration decided to increase the team count from 12 to 14, in 2006.

2018 Chinese Super League

Club and Location:

Team Head Coach City Stadium Capacity 2017 Season



Fabio Cannavaro Guangzhou Tianhe Stadium 58,5000 1st


Vitor Pereira Shanghai Shanghai Stad 56,842 2nd


Paulo Sousa Tianjin Haihe

Educational Football Stadium

28,046 3rd
Hebei China Fortune Chris Coleman Lang fang Lang fang Stadium 30,040 4th
Guangzhou R&F Dragon Stojkovic Guangzhou Yuexiushan


18,000 5th
Shandong Luneng Taishan Li Xiaopeng Jinan Jinan Olympic Sports Luneng Stadium 56,808 6th
Changchun Yatai Chen Jingang Changchun Changchun City Stadium 38,500 7th
Guizhou Hengfeng Dan Petrescu Guiyang Guiyang Olympic Sports Stadium 51,636 8th
Beijing Sinobo Guoan Roger Schmidt Beijing Workers Stadium 66,161 9th
Chongqing Dangdai Lifan Jordi Cruyff Chongqing Chongqing

Olympic sports center

58,680 10th
Shanghai Greenland Shenhua Wu Jingui Shanghai Hongkou Football Stadium 33.060 11th
Jiangsu Suning Cosmin Olăroiu Nanjing Nanjing Olympic Sports Center  


Tianjin Teda Uli Stielike Tianjin Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium 54,696 13th
Henan Jianye Chang Woe-Ryong Zhengzhou Hanghai Stadium 29,860 14th
Dalian Yifang Bernd Schuster Dalian Dalian Sports Center 61,000 CL1 1st
Beijing Renhe Luis García Plaza Beijing Fengtai Stadium 31,043 CL1 2nd

Table of League:

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Qualification of Relegation
1 Shanghai SIPG 21 14 4 3 53 21 +32 46 Champions League group stage
2 Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao 21 12 3 4 54 23 +31 45 Champions League group stage
3 Beijing Sinobo Guoan 22 13 6 3 54 35 +19 45 Champions League play-off round
4 Shandong Luneng Taishan 22 12 5 5 38 27 +11 41 Relegation to league one
5 Jiangsu Suning 22 9 8 5 29 21 +8 35 Relegation to league one
6 Hebei China Fortune 22 7 8 7 33 33 0 29 Relegation to league one
7 Changchun Yatai 22 8 5 9 35 36 -1 29 Relegation to league one
8 Guangzhou R&F 22 8 4 10 41 45 -4 28 Relegation to league one
9 Beijing Renhe 22 7 7 8 25 32 -7 28 Relegation to league one
10 Tianjin Quanjian 22 7 6 9 27 33 -6 27 Relegation to league one
11 Shanghai Greenland Shenhua 22 7 6 9 31 40 -9 27 Relegation to league one
12 Tianjin Teda 22 7 5 10 29 35 -6 26 Relegation to league one
13 Dalian Yifang 22 7 5 10 26 41 -15 26 Relegation to league one
14 Chongqing Dangdai Lifan 22 5 5 12 27 37 -10 20 Relegation to league one
15 Henan Jianye 22 5 4 13 17 36 -19 19 Relegation to league one
16 Guizhou Hengfeng


22 3 3 16 26 50 -24 12 Relegation to league one

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