Breaking : FIFA in line to tweak certain rules in the beautiful game of Football!

Breaking : FIFA in line to tweak certain rules in the beautiful game of Football!

The beautiful game and the greatest sport of all time – Football is about to experience changes in certain rules & regulations and if reports are to be believed, by 2024 the sport will never be the same again. As we all know, the rules set by FIFA and IFAB are in effect globally, regardless of the level and age groups.

In the past few years, we have seen the apex footballing body bring changes to some rules for the safety of players and to maintain fairness in the game. VAR as well as 5 substitutions are the 2 major transitions that have been brought to ensure the above mentioned motives.

And in a recent development, the International football association board is in line to bring some more changes. According to reports, FIFA is worried about the time wasting in football especially during celebrations and chaos inside the pitch.

We witnessed the both of the elements two months ago during the FIFA World cup 2022 at Qatar. The chaos went over the roof especially when Argentina line up against Netherlands for the Quarter-finals and FIFA thinks these developments should be stopped in order accommodation entire 90 minutes of football.

Thus, the rule makers will sit next week to study the possible changes which can come into effect. Reports are suggesting that from 30th June 2023, the consumed time during celebration by players will now be added to extra time.

A statement read – “FIFA will not allow those parties that are held on the pitch and go beyond a minute or a minute and a half (celebrating). The world of football needs fewer time-outs and FIFA is concerned about this.”

FIFA President Gianni Infantino wants to see a change in this regard and it could be official next week. Another major change that we could see is the off-side rule which at times favors strikers but mostly the defenders. Former Arsenal manager and FIFA’s director of football development Arsene Wenger is also in favor of a change in off-side rule.

“Arsene Wenger, FIFA’s director of football development, is one of those in favor of the change and suggests that the striker should be enabled with the last part of his body in line with the defender, making it possible for him to be in front of the defender, but with part of his body in line. For the moment, it is under review.”