FIFA WC 2022 : FIFA to take action against the World Champions. Find out why

The Apex body of International Football will charge La Albiceleste of Disciplinary actions

Its not even a month that Argentina have become the world champions and FIFA have begun their process to take possible actions against Argentina Players, officials as well as the (AFA). Some of their celebrations have been misinterpreted and offended some of the higher officials at FIFA.


Argentina have been found violating FIFA’s rules during their celebrations and over-all bad behavior during the tournament. One of their most notable instance was their over-heated behavior against Netherlands in the quarter-finals.

Argentina vs netherlands

Both the teams were involved in confrontations as well as initiating break-outs. Nicholas Otamendi began Argentina’s charge with hitting the ball straight into the substitution benches. Lionel Messi was involved in signs and straight face-to-face with Louis Van Gaal.

And perhaps the instance which glorified all those. Argentina Goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez showcased a bizarre celebration after receiving the FIFA Golden Glove award. Later on during their Bus parade back home with Mbappe on a toy.

Don’t forget it all happened after a tense or the most tense WC final ever. There was celebration, relief, blow, outrage and the crowning.

But FIFA have taken the celebrations seriously and they will charge Argentinian Association and their media. According them, Argentina did not comply with neutral regulations of FIFA and broke all the parameters. On one hand there is joy and on one hand there is tension.

Who do you think will prevail?