Brazil, Italy, Germany – Who are the most dominant World Cup winners of all-time

most dominant World Cup winners of all-time

most dominant World Cup winners of all-time

Federation Internationale de Football Association, better known as FIFA, is the International Association Football Competition that has men’s national teams from most parts of the world. This tournament takes place every four years except during World War II.

Brazil, Italy, Germany

The year 2018 was witness to the most recent World Cup that had its venue in Russia and was won by France who beat Croatia with a 4-2 in regulation time. A total of 211 countries participate in this World Cup where some have been playing since the very time of its inception.

Each country displays its remarkable experience and many have even won numerous titles too. Initially, the teams compete against each other in a group stage from which the final 16 teams progress to the knockout stages for the ultimate winner to be decided. To elaborate further, the tournament consists of two parts: the qualification phase and the final phase.

The teams that win in the qualification phase will move to the last level of the game that is the finals. This event is considered the most popular view in the world that has nearly a world population of 1 billion fans watching this telecast.

Some countries, participating in this game, are known worldwide for their best performances throughout every game held during this World Cup. Among these Brazil’s name is worth mentioning. Let see why this best team is known to be proficient in the game of football by comparing it with two other excelling teams: Italy and Germany.

Brazil’s Performance at FIFA World Cup | most dominant World Cup winners of all-time:-


This country is considered the most successful team of the FIFA World Cup. Its ardent fans of the game that we see in the television are proof of the spirit and the zeal with which they play the game. According to the FIFA World rankings, Brazil’s men’s national team is the best among all football teams that have won the World Cup tournament five times. This country has also hosted the game several times, the most recent and the last time being the year of 2014.

This region’s national team is the only team that has participated in all the FIFA World Cup editions without a single absence or the need of a playoff. It holds a record of 73 victories in a total of 109 matches, 124 goal difference, 237 points, and only 18 losses. Argentina is considered to be Brazil’s greatest rival where they have played at least four times against each other in the history of FIFA World Cup, where Brazil won twice (West Germany 1974 and Spain 1982). Sweden played the most matches against Brazil in the finals, where Brazil has seven wins and the rest two were declared a draw. This team has won the World Cup title in the years 1951, 1961, 1971, 1991 and 2001.

The team also holds a record of 5 titles, the most participants in the World Cup, most victories (73), most sendings-off (11) and the most wins in a single tournament. This team has some famous players like Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Neymar, and Socrates to name a few. Each of them has displayed their excellence at the game and some of their achievements are listed below:

Pele holds the maximum number of FIFA World Cup records. 

● He is the only player to win three FIFA World Cups in the years 1958, 1962 and 1970.
● He is the youngest tournament winner, a record he built in the 1958 World Cup at the age of 17.
● Pele is the youngest goalscorer of the 1958 match against Wales
● Pele is the only hat-trick goal scorer in the year of 1958 in a match with France
● He is also the youngest goalscorer in a final of FIFA which he achieved in the 1958 match against Sweden.

Records made by other players of this team are:

Ronaldo: Youngest Golden Ball winner
Djalma Santos: Most number of appearances in an All-Star Team
Denilson: Most appearances as a substitute
Mario Zagallo: Most tournament wins as a player and coach.
Cafu: the only player to appear in three consecutive FIFA World Cup Finals.

Italy in FIFA World Cup


most dominant World Cup winners of all-time:- The Italy National Football team has been representing Italy in association football games. This country’s football team is also known to be one of the best teams in FIFA history. It has won four titles in the years 1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006. In the year 1938, Italy’s football team was the first to defend their previous World Cup’s victory and retained this record for 16 years because of the start of World War II. It had achieved a third place in the FIFA Confederation Cup in 2013 and this is the highest procurement of its national football team.

The traditional color of Italian national teams and athletes is the color blue, which is why the football team is known as the Gil Azzurri which means The Blues. The first football match of this team was held in Milan on 15th May 1910 in which the first goal was scored by Pietro Lana.

Years later when Italy’s national team soon decided to participate in the first World Cup in 1930 in Uruguay, the team had won two consecutive editions of the tournament in the years 1934 and 1938. The team was under the coaching of Vittorio Pozzo and also had the best Italian player of all times named Giuseppe Meazza.

The 1934 FIFA World Cup was hosted by this country and had a 7-1 win against the United States in Rome. It also defeated Czechoslovakia in 2-1 goals when the final was held in Rome and had goals by Raimundo Orsi and Angelo Schiavio, thus making history by winning the first ever FIFA World Cup. Their second similar title was achieved in 1938 by defeating Hungary with 4 goals, two by Gino Caloussi and another two by Silvio Piola.

Germany in FIFA World Cup

most dominant World Cup winners of all-time

most dominant World Cup winners of all-time:-  The Germany national football team began in 1908 when Germany made its international debut performance in the football field. This team has also been regarded as one of the most successful teams of the FIFA World Cup. While it received its first FIFA World cup win in the year 1954, in the year 1974, Germany was not only the host of the FIFA World Cup but also a second-time winner defeating the Netherlands by 2-1 in the finals at Munich.

It had secured the third position in the 1958 World Cup and could reach only the semi-finals in the 1962 World Cup. In 1990, Germany again added a World Cup final win to its history. The 2010 World Cup had Germany playing with a very attacking style of the ball but was placed in Group D. In 2014, they faced an edgy game with Argentina and won the finals with a 1-0 win. The famous player Miroslav Klose is regarded as the top goal scorer in the history of FIFA World Cup after defeating Pele in this record.

If compared with Italy and Germany, Brazil is considered not only the best but the country with a maximum number of World Cup wins. This Samba nation has won the World Cup 5 times after getting into the finals of 7 World Cup tournaments. They are the most favorite team of fans all over the world for their great players and style of game.

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