Boxing And Everything You Need To Know About The Sport


Boxing is a sport that has intrigued the world for generations. Not only is it an excellent sport for discipline and cardio, but it also teaches the boxer to defend himself. The whole point of boxing is to ensure that the opponent is knocked out.


The opponent must be knocked out in such a way that he shouldn’t able to stand back up until the referee counts to ten. Boxers are even able to score points to win the match. If you’re planning on taking up boxing as a sport you will want to know how to play boxing? What are the basic rules of boxing and what is weight, group? We have compiled detailed information about this sport and made it simple and easy for you to understand. Here’s what you need to know:

Preparing For a Match


Prior to any boxing match, the boxers need to go through a few basic processes. These processes include:

  • Passbook Check – Without a passbook check, no boxer is allowed to proceed with a match. This check involves documenting the of the boxer, information about the matches and opponents and so on.
  • Weigh In – Without being properly weighed, the boxer will not be fitted in the correct category. Hence, he needs to be weighed to be allocated to the correct weight category.
  • Physical Examination – Without having a proper physical examination, a boxer will not be able to participate in a match. His blood pressure, vitals, the condition of face and hands will have to be checked before he gets into the boxing ring.
  • The boxer is then sent over to the host and he is handed a pair of blue or red gloves depending on the corner that he has been assigned.
  • The boxers are then taken into their assigned corners. While they are sitting in these corners, mentally preparing for the match, the host comes back to make one more quick check. In this check, the host makes sure that the boxers are wearing the proper protective attire and mouth guards.

Proceeding With The Game

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The next step involves proceeding with the match. As soon as the bell rings, the fight begins. Typically, each fight involves approximately 12 rounds. When around ten seconds are left for around to complete, the ring official hammers a wooden table that is placed on the ringside to alert the boxers. The winner is declared when an opponent is seriously injured or when the opponent does not resume the game within ten counts. The scoring system of declaring a winner is only applicable when there are no knock-outs.


boxing scoring system

The scoring in boxing depends on the punches scored. All punches have to be above the opponent’s belt or below his head. The scoring is effected with fouls. The judges feel that things that can have an impact on the score include:

  • The total number of punches
  • The aggression put forward
  • Fight tempo control
  • Ring control
  • Damage caused

In addition to this, one needs to keep in mind that professional boxing scoring may be very different from the amateur levels. In professional boxing the following things are closely considered:

  • Effective aggressiveness
  • Clean punching
  • Ring generalship
  • Defence

The scoring system that is typically followed in boxing involves a 10 point system. The winner is each round receives 10 points and the defeated opponent receive 9 points. In the event that a boxer is knocked out, the knocked out individual receives 8 points. The winner can only be declared when all three of the judges agree and one boxer had received more points than the other. If a majority of the judges feel that the match is a draw, then the match is declared a draw. The four important decisions that play a crucial role in the conclusion of the match outcome include:

  • Unanimity – In this case, all three of the judges have agreed to the outcome and declare the winner in unanimity.
  • Split Decision – When two of the three judges are on side of a particular boxer then that boxer is declared a winner out of the majority.
  • Draw – When none of the three judges is on par with a decision then a draw is called. This happens when one judge supports one boxer, the second judge supports the second boxer and the third judge calls a draw.


boxing Fouls

Boxing as a sport has a large number of rules and a lot of things in boxing are considered fouls. When a boxer repeatedly commits a foul, he can be disqualified. Some things that are considered fouls include:

  • Striking an opponent below the belt
  • Striking the opponent when he has fallen onto the canvas
  • Striking with the forearms or elbows
  • Headbutting
  • Biting ears
  • Grabbing the ropes
  • Poking the eye of the opponent with the thumb
  • Wrestling with the opponent or grappling the opponent excessively

Boxing is a sport that is played across the globe. Boxing is also an Olympic sport. This sport makes the player more alert, defensive and stronger. Boxing is an amazing form of cardio too. The jumping around the ring and the adrenaline can cause the boxer’s heart rate to spike up. Boxing matches are played by players of all ages. There are even professional boxing matches in the children’s categories for this sport. One needs to be extremely fit, quick and agile in order to be a good boxer. People who are overweight and lack stamina will find it very hard to start boxing.

Well, there you have it, a basic set of rules and information about boxing. If you’re planning on taking up the sport, it is advisable that you get a professional coach to train you so that injuries can be avoided. Boxing can be a pretty gruelling sport and can cause severe injuries to people who aren’t properly trained. There are many sports clubs that offer boxing coaching and training. You can sign up for a membership with one of these clubs and start training for the sport there.

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