Bizzare Twitter spat between Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Toni Kroos

 An unexpected Twitter spat involving Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Toni Kroos kicked off.

On his Einfach mal Luppen podcast, via Sport Bild, Kroos has given his opinion on players celebrating with objects, mentioning the Arsenal striker as an example while his time in Dortmund.

“I find it very silly. Even worse is if there are any objects hidden in their socks,” Kroos admitted.

“Aubameyang once celebrated and took out a mask. That’s where it ends with me. I don’t think that’s a good role model, either. What nonsense.”

After the podcast, Aubameyang tweeted in his style on Toni Kroos

He tweeted an image of a painting a young kid had drawn when asked to think about happiness.

Aubameyang wrote: “By the way Does this @ToniKroos have Kids? Just to remember I did it for my son few times and I will do it again. I wish you have kids one day and make them happy like this Junior School pupil. Talk and don’t Forget #maskon #staysafe.”


Kroos later confirmed that he got 3 kids.

But Aubamyang wasn’t done there. After football account 433 tweeted an image of Aubameyang and Marco Reus in a Batman and Robin mask, he quote retweeted:

“Send @ToniKroos congratulations for his 3 Kids cordially your Batman and Robin.”

Then, Mesut Ozil got involved.

Fans thought Ozil’s take on this Would Ozil take the side of his Arsenal club captain or his former International teammate?

It was a case of the club over the country as he tweeted a GIF of Aubameyang celebrating in a Black Panther mask doing the ‘Wakanda Forever’ celebration.

Ozil wrote: “The best goal celebration! @Aubameyang7.”

“My bro you know,” Aubameyang replied, clearly appreciating the support.

And that ends one of the pettiest argument Twitter has probably ever seen.