Ayhika Mukherjee Biography: Age, Height, Personal Life, Achievements, and more

Table Tennis, Olympics, Paris 2024

Ayhika Mukherjee, who will be representing India at the Paris Olympics 2024 in the sport of table tennis, is well-known for her unorthodox playing technique, which involves using an anti-spin rubber on her forehand to reduce the speed and make deceptive strokes. This tactic was essential to her results, particularly in the doubles matches, when she and Sutirtha could mix fast-paced attacks with patient, deceptive plays, confusing their opponents. Let’s learn more about her personal life and career below.

Personal Life

Ayhika Mukherjee was born on June 10, 1997, in Naihati, West Bengal. She became interested in table tennis at a young age, and her family encouraged her to continue the sport. Her training began with local instructors, and she soon advanced through the ranks due to her distinctive playing style. 

Ayhika is well-known for her passion and discipline in the sport, which she often combines with her education. Despite her busy schedule, she maintains tight ties with her family, who are still her closest supporters. Despite being from a not-so-humble background, Ayika has really advanced in the sport with consistent hard work, perseverance, and dedication.


Ayhika Mukherjee, a talented Indian table tennis player from West Bengal, has been an important part of the Indian national squad, competing in both the 2018 and 2022 Asian Games. In the 2022 Asian Games, she and Sutirtha Mukherjee won a record bronze medal in the women’s doubles. 

Their impressive triumph in the quarterfinals over Chinese champions Chen Meng and Wang Yidi demonstrated their skill and determination. They eventually secured the bronze after losing to North Korea’s Cha Su-yong and Pak Su-gyong in the semifinals. ​

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Ayhika has excelled at multiple international tournaments, which is a big reason for her growth in the sport. In 2024, she won the World Table Tennis Team Championships over China’s number one player, Sun Yingsha, establishing herself as a prominent competitor in the sport and taking her and India’s name to new and remarkable heights.

In 2023, Ayhika received the coveted Arjuna Award for her dedication and achievements in table tennis. This medal is one of the highest distinctions for Indian athletes and was given after recognizing her dedication and achievement in the sport. 

Her peculiar playing style, marked by her use of anti-spin rubber, continues to be a distinguishing and effective element of her game, making her a strong opponent on a global level. She hopes to bring an Olympic medal for her country this year from the Paris Olympics 2024.

Bio Data

Name: Ayhika Mukherjee

Date of Birth: June 10, 1997

Birth Place: Naihati, West Bengal

Height: 160 cm

Playing Style: Right-handed shakehand

Ranking: 177 (current)