Athletes participation will be cancelled from Tokyo 2020 Olympics if they violate COVID-19 rules

All the athletes and officials who will be taking part in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2021 will be kicked out from the marquee event if they violate COVID-19 rules as Tokyo where the event will be held is going through the fourth wave of COVID-19.

The decision was jointly taken by International Olympics Committee(IOC), International Paralympic Committee ( IPC), and Tokyo Olympics organizers who added 10 more pages on their rule book as compared to the previous edition. Most of the contents on those pages are all about Testing and regulations which is the need of an hour.

“It is crucial that the measures outlined in the playbook are respected in order to make Games safe and secure for all Game Participants, and the people of Japan” IOC Olympics Games executive director Christophe Dube said.

Hidemasa Nakamura, Tokyo 2020 main operation Chief was confident all the participants will strictly follow playbook rules “The top priority of the Tokyo 2020 games is safety and the playbook are the key to that objective, ” he said.

“I am confident that with everyone cooperations, these playbooks will have laid the foundation for a safe and secure game”

The most awaited sporting tournament in the world is all set to start from July 23rd, 2021 and it is expected that in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, India will increase their tally of medals to 17 as compared to the 2 that they won in the last Olympics 2016.