Arsenal FC – History, Introduction, Teams, Records & upcoming Matches

Arsenal FC

Arsenal FC

Arsenal FC – As you all know how crazy the people of England when it comes to football. England has been the hub of European players over the years. It has its own rich history and tradition and their professional league is one of the most celebrated leagues across the globe and has a huge fan following for their league structure. Lots of players would love to be a part of English premier league and they are considering this as a prestigious thing in their life.  Right from 1600 BC, football has been played in England and it has been their most popular sport for nearly 250 years.

Apart from their long-standing football history and culture their clubs who are participating in English premier league has got the rich history behind their name since its inception in 1888. Out of those clubs Arsenal FC is one of the most popular and successful clubs in the history of English premier league. This club played a major role in the development of football in England and has got the huge reputation of winning major titles over the years and it is the first club from south England that represented the English premier league.  Here history, teams, and records of Arsenal FC are discussed below.

History of Arsenal FC

History of Arsenal FC

One of an integral part of English football history Arsenal FC is based on Islington, London and it plays for top level tournament English premier league. As mentioned earlier it is the first club from south England to represent in the football league in 1893 and they have qualified for first division league in 1904.  They have been relegated only once till now from the first division league which happened in 1913. They lag only behind Liverpool when it comes to winning the most number of matches in English premier league.

The 1930s has been considered as the best decade for Arsenal FC as they have bagged five league championships and two FA cups which is a phenomenal record.  Since then they have won many tournaments here and there and always remains as one of the best teams in English premier league so far.

Early Years of Arsenal FC

Arsenal FC Early Years

The club was initially formed in 1886 by David Danskin along with 15 co-workers in Woolwich and Plumstead common as their home ground. The club was named as royal arsenal then and has won few trophies in regional leagues and has turned professional club in the year of 1891.

During 1893 they had changed their name to Woolwich Arsenal and started to participate in the second division leagues and in 1904 they had won the trophy and have been promoted to the first division in 1904. Due to the existences of new clubs and financial issues surrounding the workers club has become bankruptcy in 1910.  Due to financial instability and poor performance the club was relegated to second division in 1913.

Businessmen Henry Morris and William hall took over the club and has built a new stadium called Arsenal stadium at Highbury and also changed the club name from royal arsenal to simply arsenal. In 1919 newly enlarged first division league has allowed Arsenal to move on to first division league.  Due to their strong performance, their popularity has been increased which results in increasing sponsorship deals and record-breaking attendance at the stadium which allowed them to sign new players at huge pricing.

League Dominance

Herbert Chapman has been appointed as manager in 1925 and the move turned out to be a masterstroke as he played a pivotal role in building the modern Arsenal team.  He identified the young talents and nurtured them and also not hesitated to spend more money on signing star players. He has also built a culture in the team which was clearly reflected in their performance during the 1930s.

During that time they have won 5 league titles and 2 FA cups the record still not broken for winning the maximum number of titles in the decade in English premier league. After the long-standing regime of Chapman, joe shaw and George Allison succeeded them during that time Arsenal FC went on to win major trophies.

Arsenal FC Jerseys

arsenal fc jersey

Right from the inception, the jersey has been the talking point for Arsenal FC as they choose red shirts with white sleeves. The red color in their jersey indicates the Nottingham forest and during the initial stages, two of the members who founded the club are the forest officers in Nottingham forest and in order to remember that they have chosen red color in their t-shirts.

During the 2005-06 seasons, they have changed their home color to thick brown for shirts and whites for sleeves and shocks color remains the same.  Away kit colors have been changed according to their sponsorship deals. In 1994-95 seasons when Nike took over from Adidas, the shirt color has been changed to red to blue.

Arsenal FC – Records and Statistics

thierry henry

  • As you all know Arsenal FC is one of the top most teams when it comes to popularity and performance. They have won premier league titles 13 times and also have won the titles consecutive three years. Apart from winning the titles, they have also fared runners-up for 9 times which is also a phenomenal record.
  • They have also won the Federation cup for 13 times and FA charity shied for 15 times and also fared runners-up for 7 times in each of the tournament.
  • Arsenal FC has also made their mark in several UEFA leagues as well. They have won UEFA champions league, UEFA European league, UEFA winners cup, and UEFA super cup once each.
  • When it comes to individual records David O’Leary has appeared in 558 games for Arsenal FC. Cesc Fabregas(16), jock Rutherford(41) are the youngest and oldest players to represent Arsenal FC.
  • Ted drakes find his name in the list of maximum goal scorers in a single season with 42 for Arsenal FC as he did it in the 1932-33 season.
  • Theirry Hendry has been the all-time top scorer for Arsenal. He has scored 228 goals in 337 appearances.
  • Tom Parker holds the record of most number of consecutive appearances with 172.

Hope Arsenal FC continues to create more records in future and remain one of the most successful premier league teams of all time.

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