Amid the Asia Cup & Cricket World cup saga, Imran Khan loses it and rants on BCCI!

The Asia Cup and the ODI World Cup have been planned differently in recent weeks due to a dispute between the Indian and Pakistani cricket boards. While the Asia Cup will take place in Pakistan, India will host the major international event in October and November of this year.

There were rumors earlier this month that India might play their Asia Cup games at a neutral site; however, it is still unknown whether Pakistan will visit their neighboring country for the World Cup.

And amid all the tension Imran Khan, Pakistan’s infamous former Prime minister recently revealed gave shocking comments about the BCCI in his most recent tirade against the wealthiest cricket organisation in the world. He claims that the BCCI’s haughtiness has damaged the two countries’ cricketing ties.

Imran Khan argued that it is unfortunate that Pakistan and India do not engage in combat unless it is during an ICC tournament. He also blasted the BCCI for being haughty and imperious and behaving like the world’s top cricket organisation.

The former World Cup winner said that Pakistan is creating plenty of top-notch cricket thanks to the emergence of the Pakistan Super League, so it makes no difference what the BCCI does. But now that Pakistan cricket has its own top-notch T20 league (PSL), foreign cricketers can compete there. Khan added Imran.

The cricketing relationship between India and Pakistan is a sad affair. India behaves arrogantly as if they are a superpower in world cricket.” Imran Khan added – “BCCI picks and chooses whom they want to play because India can generate a lot of money in world cricket due to which they behave arrogantly like a super power.