All About TEKKEN 8 Leaks: What We’ve Learned About the Upcoming Fighting Game


Tekken 8, a highly anticipated fighting game, is getting ready to come out in 2024. This game is part of a big series known for its fighting matches. It’s only about 6 months away from being released, and we’re starting to find out more about it through leaks. Even though we know some things from official announcements, like the starting characters, what can we expect later? The leaked information about Tekken 8 makes it sound like it’s going to be a really exciting game.

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Compared to other popular fighting games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, Tekken has always done things a bit differently. The new Tekken 8 game seems to be doing enough to stand out from the other big fighting games in 2023. Here’s what we’ve learned from the leaked details about Tekken 8 and the latest news about the game.

Roster Leaks

One of the most thrilling sneak peeks for any fighting game is about the characters you can play as. The lineup of Tekken characters can make a game great or not so great for many players. A little while ago, there was a big leak about Tekken that supposedly showed all the starting characters in the game. Instead of waiting for each character to be revealed one by one, we got a clear look at who would be there when Tekken 8 comes out. What’s even more exciting is that this leak seems to be pretty accurate. As they make announcements, it’s becoming more likely that the Tekken 8 leak was totally right. Here are the characters in the starting lineup according to the leak:

– Zafina
– Victor
– Leo
– Reina
– Dragunov
– Yoshimitsu
– Kuma
– Shaheen
– Steve
– Devil Jin
– Alisa
– Feng
– Panda

Both Victor and Reina are new to the series, which is a cool part of the Tekken 8 leaks. Another interesting thing is Devil Jin as a separate character here. As for extra characters you can get later (DLC characters), we don’t know a lot about them yet, but there are still more Tekken leaks floating around.

More Leaks

Besides those leaked details about Tekken 8, there are some other leaks floating around. These aren’t as certain, so it’s a good idea to consider them with a bit of caution. Here are some of the other leaks we’ve come across:

– Power Crushes: Not all characters will have these special moves, and there could be some big changes to how they work.
– Washdash: A movement technique might be added to more characters.
– Clinching: This could be a new mechanic similar to something called Clashing in another game called Soul Calibur.
– Hades Zagreus: There’s a possibility that this character from a different game might appear as a guest character in Tekken 8.

These leaks might not be as likely to come true as the ones about the roster. But it’s still interesting to think about what could be in the game when it comes out. We only have a few more months until the release date, and as we get closer, we’ll probably learn a lot more about the game.