AFC U-20 Women’s Asian Cup: India off to brilliant start after beating Singapore by 7-0 in the opening match

Sometimes I ponder why men’s sports receive all the attention and why women’s sports are ignored, even in the twenty-first century, when there must be a problem that we, as sports enthusiasts, must correct.

When it comes to cricket, football, hockey, and other sports, the situation has mostly remained same throughout time. Even the digital era failed to bring about this change.

It should go without saying that we should promote sports heavily to both sexes in order to set an example for other nations where there is an imbalance in the popularity of men’s and women’s sports.

The reason why I mentioned this, our women’s football team have recently played brilliantly against Singapore in AFC U-20 Women’s Asia Cup, where we won by 7-0.

But unlike all efforts in sport, this will also go unnoticed, this is what we need to change so before we can change things let’s talk in details about the performances and how things unfolded in this game against Singapore.

Apurna Narzary and her squad thoroughly controlled Singapore in the opening half of the game, scoring six goals while doing so. They also didn’t allow the opposition to have any impact.

The captain herself gave the team the lead with a fantastic goal in the game’s opening seven minutes thanks to a squared pass opportunity made possible by teammate Anita Kumari.

Gradually goals was scored by Anita Kumari supported by Lynda Kom Serto.

Equal credit for this magical performance should be given to coach Maymol Rocky who was brilliant throughout the match with the tactics on board.

India will be next locking horns against Indonesia on 9th March 2023, winning this match will make things easy for as they will qualify for Round 2 qualifiers held in June.

Talking about the women’s national team coached by Thomas Dennerby, they will be expected to make it to the Paris Olympics 2024 which will be held in a year’s time.