A List of all Major Association Football Competitions

association football competitions

Association football competitions: The official name of the sport governed by FIFA (International Federation of Association football) is association football. In some parts of the world, it is also known as soccer. Soccer word also derives from the word association. However, in some parts of the world, it is also referred to as “football”.

association football competitions

If you are looking for a list of Association football competitions then here is a list of various championships held globally as well as continental.

This is a list of main association football competitions for international teams. There are also football competitions in individual countries and internationally.

The football competitions have been grouped by organizing authority which was the FIFA (international association), the federations (national associations) and the six confederations (continental associations).

Here is the list of the various football competitions held worldwide, national and continental.

The International Competitions of Football Associations

In football, there are many championships and competitions conducted by internationally. Here is a list of football competitions that are conducted internationally or globally.

  1. FIFA World Cup

This is the biggest competition conducted at the international level. It is the biggest achievement for a football to crown FIFA world cup trophy. The tournament was played after an interval of four years and a total number of 32 teams battle against each other to get the FIFA world cup trophy. There are qualifying rounds for each confederation to secure a spot in FIFA world cup trophy. These qualification rounds were conducted three years before the FIFA world cup.

Brazil is the team which had created a record in getting the title of FIFA world cup five times. The last FIFA world cup was conducted in 2018 in which France defeats Croatia. Till now, twenty-one FIFA world cup tournaments had played and Brazil is the most winning teams by winning the trophy of FIFA world cup five times.

  1. FIFA Confederations Cup

This is a collective tournament in which the winner of the confederation tournaments, the world cup winners and the hosts get qualified for a single tournament called FIFA Confederations Cup. The FIFA Confederations Cup also takes place once in four years similar to the FIFA world cup. The last FIFA Confederations Cup was held in 2017 in which Germany defeats Chile by 1- 0. France and Brazil are only the two nations who gets the trophy of FIFA Confederations Cup more than one time. Both the nation got the trophy of FIFA Confederations Cup twice.


CONMEBOL Copa América

  1. UEFA European Football Championship

This is the most-watched European football tournament held after two years of FIFA world cup. The tournament is played once in four years. Spain and Germany are the two most-winning teams of this UEFA European Football Championship get trophy three times. Portugal won the most recent UEFA European Football Championship held in 2016.

  1. UEFA Nations League

The UEFA Nations League is a new tournament held the first tournament in September 2018 following the FIFA world cup. The league was contested by senior men’s national teams of UEFA members.

  1. CONMEBOL Copa América

This is the main competition for CONMEBOL and consists of all the teams. There is no fixed interval for conduction of the tournament. The most recent tournament was conducted in 2016 in which Chile defeat Argentina.

  1. Asian Cup

This is the main football competition for all Asian Countries. Australia is only the non-Asian country permitted to play in the Asian Cup and the most interesting fact about this tournament is that Australia regularly wins this Asian Cup.

  1. CONCACAF Gold Cup

For CONCACAF region, it is the most important competition, there is no regular interval for this Gold cup usually held every year. Mexico has won this tournament seven times and has created a record in CONCACAF Gold cup followed by the United States, six-time winners, and Canada, one-time winner.

  1. CAF Africa Cup of Nations

As the name of the tournament says, it is a tournament for African countries. The tournament was held once in two years usually in Jan/Feb. CAF Africa Cup of Nations is the biggest achievement for the African companies. The latest CAF Africa Cup of Nations was held in 2017 Feb won by Cameroon.

Club Competitions

FIFA Club World Cup

A football club is a club consists of a certain country consists for small leagues. Here is a list of all major club competitions held worldwide.

  1. FIFA Club World Cup

Before 2000, it was known as Intercontinental Cup. After 2000, it was referred to as FIFA Club World Cup in which six confederation titles and host nation fight against each other to win the title of FIFA Club World Cup. The latest FIFA Club World Cup was held in 2017. Real Madrid won that FIFA club world cup. However, this tournament has not gained the attraction of visitors till now.


CONCACAF Champions League

  1. CONCACAF Champions League

CONCACAF Champions League, held each year in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean is one of the main football competition organized by CONCACAF. The winner of this CONCACAF Champions league secures a spot in FIFA world cup. Now, this tournament officially named as the Scotiabank CONCACAF tournament. It is because of the sponsorship has given by Scotiabank to this tournament in February 2015.

  1. UEFA Champions League

The tournament conducts the biggest clash between the Champions League and the winners of the European league. Liverpool was the latest champion of the match by defeating Tottenham Hotspurs by 2 – 0 had won their 6th European cup.

  1. CAF Champions League

CAF Champions League is not as important as of UEFA Champions League. The winner of this tournament gets qualified to secure a spot in FIFA world cup, the most prestigious football competition till now. Al-Ahly is the most winning team has gained titles up to 7 times followed by TP Mazembe of the Democratic Republic of the Congo with five titles. Local Egyptian rivals Al-Zamalek also had gained five titles in this tournament.

  1. CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores

It is the most prestigious continental football competition after UEFA champions league. The latest champions of this match are Atletico Nacional team from Colombia.

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