7 Reasons why Manchester United must sack Jose Mourinho

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Manchester United has always been considered amongst one of the most elite clubs in the Football history and their great legacy in World football is unknown to no one.

Ever since the club witnessed one of the biggest and saddest moment in the Football history after the infamous “Munich Disaster”, it has seen some great achievement and golden moments over the past few decades. Moreover, its only after the exit of Sir Alex Ferguson as the club’s manager, that the club has really struggled to make its mark in the World of football in the recent years.

During the process, we have seen the likes of Louis van Gaal and David Moyes coming over and leaving the club after a dismal season in their Managerial stint and none of them have been able to make a difference with their tactics. Moreover, it was only after the appointment of former Chelsea and Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho, that the club and its fans did put on some hopes to revive that lost legacy and Jose proved the same while bringing Europa cup glory in the 2017 while making united secured the second spot in EPL. Still, the current season is like a nightmare to both the fans and players as they are placed at the eight spot within the start of the season and while this been said, let’s take a look at the 7 reason why United must sack Jose mourinho.

Reason #1 He still couldn’t get the best out of his Players

Even though United lacks that Star power like other clubs, its still consist of some of the big names in the football fraternity like Paul Pogba, Alexis Sanchez, Romelu Lukaku and many others. The only issue is that Jose is not been able to bring out the best out of the current squad and just making excuses of not having the best of the players in his kitty for all the defeats down the line.

He must look forward to the example laid by the Liverpool Coach Jurgen klopp which has made a team of “ Not so big names” qualified for the UEFA champions league finals in the last season and that’s is something which doesn’t come by spending big money only.

Reason #2 Team’s performance in Bits and Pieces

Man U

Even though united has been able to secure some of the most exciting victories recently against Newcastle and Juventus in EPL and champions league respectively, the only thing they lacked is consistency. The team has played mostly in bits and pieces under the supervisions of Mourinho and even he didn’t seems loike having a clue for the dismal run of the club in the current EPL season which saw them dropping points against some fo the low tier teams in the EPL as well.

Reason #3 Jose Mourinho vs Paul Pogba

Jose Mourinho vs Paul Pogba

Whilst Paul Pogba was being brought back to the theatre of dreams in 2016 with a price tag of 89 million pounds, fans and football experts were really excited to see him making a difference to change the club’s fate down the line. Ever since then, Pogba is having his big list of issues going around on and off the pitch with Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho has used Pogba at different positions but none of them went good for the team over the time and this has eventually led to the feud between the player and the manager. Moreover, Pogba has even said once that the team needs to just “Attack, Attack and Attack” and Mourinho allegedly made him strip of the captaincy due to the same reason.

Reason #4 His “Not so Lovely” Affair with the United Board


Mourinho is most famous for his “Over exaggerated “comments over the years and this is something which has made him a soft target for all the controversies around. Quite recently, Jose has publicly admitted towards his displeasure for united board’s inability to bring his choice of players on board during the transfer window and if reports are to be believed, he has also been believed to say that he is not feared to be sacked as the board needs to pay a huge amount for terminating his contract.

Reason #5 His Inability to solve United’s “Attack “and “Defense’ Problems

Ever since Mourinho has been appointed as Manchester United’s manager, he is still didn’t been able to solve the biggest questions of “attack “and ‘defense” in the united squad. Quite often the teams have shown vulnerabilities in the defense which has made them fallen down to even the lowest ranked clubs around the world.

On the other hand, team has been regularly accused for playing the “boring “style of football while not making many attacking moves towards the opponents half. This has further led to the usage of the phrase “Parking the bus” in the context of United’s toothless attack during a particular match. You can’t really expect this while having the likes of Martial, Sanchez, Rashford, Pogba and Lukaku in your side and this is something Mourinho needs to focus upon with immediate effect.

Reason #6 The “Short Term“ Success record of Mourinho

Mourinho success

Over the years, Mourinho is said to be making only short term impact on the success of the clubs he has ever managed and his history with the clubs like Real Madrid, Porto and Chelsea confirms the same fact.

While this doesn’t take the credits away from his name which he achieved over the years, he has mostly been proved ineffective during the third season with any of the tams he managed and this was the same reason which got him sacked with both Chelsea and Madrid during his third year with the respective clubs. While that’s been said, it seems like “time’s Up” for Mourinho at Old Trafford.

Reason #7 Availability of Zinedine Zidane as a “Manager” option

Although it wouldn’t be that certain, but the Availability of Former Real Madrid coach and Frenchmen Zinedine Zidane might push the Manchester united board to sack Jose mourinho even before his contract expiry. While we don’t need to say much about the Dream stint of Zidane at Madrid which saw him winning three Champion’s league trophies, his recent interview stating “I would love to manage united if get a chance” has rang the danger alarm for the Portuguese at the theatre of dreams.

Moreover, even the fans and the Board is not happy with the progress shown by Jose in the recent times and he must be relieved from his role as soon as possible.

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